Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 728

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&#lt;p&#gt;Tina was still following Gareth, but she didn’t dare to actually chase after him. She didn’t want to give
up, so she tailed him and watched as the two of them went into the same elevator…“Mr. Wickam…”
She called to him unwillingly as if Gareth would hold the doors open for her. At that moment, everyone
looked at her with various expressions.The human resources manager looked at Tina coldly and said in
a low voice, “I hope you can make things clear to everyone about what happened today. Don’t make
me say more than I need to. Otherwise, you understand full well Mr. Wickam’s personality.” After that,
the manager didn’t look at her nor wait for her response as he left.Among the people who were
standing around, those who disliked Tina sneered. “I was one of the employees you almost passed on.
To be very honest, you really have a big problem. If you stay at Wickam Group, you will only ruin our
reputation. A few friends who failed the interview said you were the most aggravating interviewer.”“You
think it’s the normal procedure, but you ask such tricky questions. If you were faced with such
questions, would you have been able to answer them? You can’t even do it, so on what grounds can
you continue working at Wickam Group? Is it because you’re older and you have more
experience?”The employee had been keeping it in for a long time. Previously, she was pretty
incompetent and couldn’t go up against Tina. Now that Tina was dismissed, she finally had the nerve to
say something…The employee had waited for a long time. Tina was finally getting retribution. Tina’s
expression was nasty, and she immediately retorted, “Everything I insisted on is for the company’s
sake! I wouldn’t have let your friend leave if she was suitable.”“Heh…”The employee sneered.
“Everyone knows about the interviews and how poor your reputation is. If you’re trying to dispute this,
you’re the only one who believes your lies. Do you think everyone has the same thoughts as you? If
your way really works, why would Ms. Benett cut them out? Everyone knows about Mr. Wickam’s
foresight. Who are you to refute Mr. Wickam’s choice? Are you as capable as him?”“That’s right! You
have poor taste, but you’re still criticizing others. You’re just a jealous person. Leave Bayswe quickly!
Remember that Mr. Wickam doesn’t want you to stay!”Those who disliked Tina spoke out against her.
As for those who had wanted Elisa to fail, no one dared to say anything after Gareth appeared in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;person. They were afraid they would be involved in the mess and would be finished if they were chased
out of Bayswe by Mr. Wickam.“Alright, break it up. Don’t you all have work to do? Quickly return to your
offices.” A manager said as she suddenly came out. Everyone lost interest and glanced at Tina before
leaving.Only Tina was left standing foolishly on the spot. She was in a frenzy.The manager walked up
to her with a thoughtful expression. “It’s not the end of the line yet.”Tina looked up at her instantly with a
confused gaze.At that moment, there weren’t many people left. Only Tina heard what the manager
said.The person before her was the sales manager, and they had never interacted much. Seeing that
the sales manager had a meaningful expression on her face, Tina asked subconsciously, “Is there any
other way?”
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