Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 727

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. Wickam. Ms. Benett. I’ve been careless by not managing my subordinates well. It’s just that… I
told her to collect her salary from the finance department. I never thought that she would make a fuss in
the company. I will take responsibility for this. You may punish me as you see fit, Mr. Wickam.”The
manager’s face was filled with remorse and guilt. “I must be responsible for this since it has affected
the company. I’m willing to accept any penalty…” His face was filled with shame.Tina’s expression
turned nastier. She immediately looked at Gareth and said, “I want to make a report against him, Mr.
Wickam. He can’t distinguish between right and wrong or private and work matters. I followed the usual
regulations to deal with the problem, but he ultimately fired me. I don’t think he’s fit to be the human
resources manager.”Elisa’s delicate brows wrinkled slightly.She was obviously slightly annoyed by what
was happening before her.She turned to look at Gareth and said calmly, “How are you going to deal
with this, Mr. Wickam?”In an instant, everyone looked at him.They were clearly waiting for his
response.Tina wanted to say something, but she was worried that Mr. Wickam would be displeased
with her. She was highly anxious.As for Gareth, he looked at the crowd around them coldly. “Elisa is the
person I chose. She speaks and acts on my behalf. Does anyone have any objections?”The human
resources manager sighed in relief at once!He had groveled to the right person!By clinging on to Elisa,
he could run wild in Wickam Group!He wanted to see who else would subdue him in the
future!Especially the second-in-command!He was furious when he thought of that person.Meanwhile,
Tina’s face turned pale in an instant! She shook her head disbelievingly. “But Mr. Wickam,
she…”Gareth’s cold eyes turned to her at once. His sharp gaze made Tina’s heart tremble. She was so
startled that she couldn’t finish what she had wanted to say.Elisa didn’t look at anyone as she turned to
leave. She didn’t even look at Gareth.Everyone was flabbergasted!D*mn!Is Elisa that big a deal?She
completely ignored Mr. Wickam. In any case, he was her superior!When Gareth noticed that Elisa had
left, his face darkened at once.That d*mn woman!But he didn’t leave immediately. He looked at
everyone coldly.“From today onward, if anyone questions Elisa’s orders, you may collect your salary at
the finance department before leaving.”Tina was bewildered.Her eyes widened as she witnessed the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;scene disbelievingly.But…Before she could defend herself, Gareth’s gaze suddenly fell on her.“You had
better work outside of Bayswe.”Everyone was astonished.D*mn!Mr. Wickam wants her to leave
Bayswe?Although Mr. Wickam didn’t say it directly, he was clearly implying that she would be shut out
if she didn’t leave Bayswe! She wouldn’t be able to find a job for the rest of her life!Tina was
dismayed.“Mr. Wickam…!”Gareth didn’t look at her. He turned and left.Tina’s expression was pasty,
and she wasn’t being unreasonable as she had been before. She spoke with a terrified look.“It’s my
fault, Mr. Wickam! It’s really my fault!” She was awfully anxious.But how would Gareth pay attention to
her?The people around her mocked and ridiculed her. Some said disdainfully, “Pfft, where did your
strong will from just now go? Since you wanted to make a scene, you should have made a bigger
scene. You jumped into a pit so carelessly. How meaningless.”
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