Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 726

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth’s furrowed brows suddenly relaxed.Part of the cold air surrounding him also seemed to have
disappeared. Everyone fixed their eyes on Gareth, waiting to see… what would happen next.Some felt
that there would be an exciting scene to witness. Some saw him as eye candy. It was mainly because
this man was really different!Although they worked at his company… it wasn’t easy to see Mr.
Wickam!If they were lucky, they might bump into Mr. Wickam when they were coming to or leaving
work, but he was aloof and cold. No one dared to approach him or greet him. He would never glance
sideways and act like nobody else was present.And now…From the looks of it, he seemed to have
stopped for Elisa’s sake.Then…Everyone could take this opportunity to look at him a little longer.What
a great life!Some had already forgotten to see how Elisa would retort to Tina. Instead, they were
anticipating what Gareth would do next!They wanted to look at the handsome and dignified
Gareth!Elisa’s gaze fell on him. It was as though she had never thought that she would meet him
here.As for Tina…She had been unyielding and was rude to Elisa in her fury in front of everyone.But…
now that Gareth was here, she was unexpectedly and indescribably feeling a little fearful and at a
loss.Gareth walked to Elisa’s side and said in a low voice, “What happened?”Elisa’s expression was
calm, and she didn’t say anything. She only looked at him. As for the woman beside Elisa, which was
also the woman who had spoken on Elisa’s behalf, it seemed as though she didn’t want to let go of the
opportunity to showcase herself. Hence, she immediately said, “Mr. Wickam, it went like this.”She then
told him everything that had happened.She didn’t exaggerate anything or distort facts. She explained
everything truthfully.Tina couldn’t retort at all.Elisa pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.As for the
cold air around Gareth, it seemed to have dissipated slightly.Because he had heard something just
now.‘Gareth will be responsible.’If she made a mistake, he would take responsibility.Tina was extremely
nervous but couldn’t refute it with people around.She had wanted to make a scene and sabotage
Elisa’s reputation.Because her manager had told her to go to the finance department and collect her
salary before leaving. She might lose her job entirely if she didn’t make a scene.But…!She never
thought Gareth would appear in front of everyone after she made a scene. He was even… standing in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;front of Elisa. He would inevitably defend her!Tina felt wronged and saw that Elisa’s gaze was directed
at Gareth. She was afraid Elisa would say something, so she immediately panicked. “Please believe
me, Mr. Wickam. What Ms. Benett has done really displeased many people in the company! She is
inexperienced and incapable, I…”Before she could finish, a man’s angry cry was heard.“Shut up right
now!”Everyone turned to look.They saw the human resources manager walk over quickly with cold
sweat on his face. He raised his hand subconsciously to wipe his sweat as he walked over to Gareth
and Elisa and spoke apologetically.
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