Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 725

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&#lt;p&#gt;The onlookers’ expressions changed. A girl walked up and pulled Tina’s hand. She grabbed it lightly
and said softly, “Alright, Tina. Calm down. Your reputation will be affected if you say such things
publicly.”Tina was livid. She shook off the girl’s hand and sneered before looking at Elisa and speaking
disdainfully. “What can’t I say if she does such shameful things? I have nothing to hide. I’m not afraid
that my reputation will be affected. I’ve never experienced such humiliation after working so many
years in the company! If she’s right, I’ll acknowledge it! I can change if I make a mistake, but here she
is, blindly giving out instructions when she doesn’t know anything. Who would be able to take this?
She’s turning the company upside down. Who would be able to work in peace in the future?”Someone
who wanted to curry favor with Elisa immediately walked over before looking at Tina with tightly
furrowed brows. “Tina, instead of reflecting, you’re going mad here. Ms. Benett’s abilities speak for
themselves. Why are you questioning her? Furthermore, Mr. Wickam was the one who gave Ms.
Benett her authority. Don’t you know how sharp Mr. Wickam’s insight is?” Tina sneered at once. “Of
course, I trust Mr. Wickam’s insight, but sometimes, some people grow arrogant after others indulge
them! All the company’s projects she’s interfered in are in disarray, but some people still want to flatter
her. Aren’t bootlickers like you afraid of incurring the wrath of the heavens?”This caused a public
outcry.Those who had been waiting to rejoice in misfortune had terrible expressions at that moment.
Tina’s words seemed to have hit a sore spot. They had to do things that went against their principles to
survive. Has Tina never groveled? Someone sneered and looked at Tina while saying sarcastically,
“Think about whether you possess such conduct. Why didn’t you say this when you fawned over your
department’s deputy manager?”“You…!” This seemed to have hit a sore spot with Tina. Her expression
was instantly nasty. “When have I ever fawned over the deputy manager? I was just completing his
tasks because of work back then. Why are you describing it so despicably? What’s wrong? Has your
shame turned into anger because I hit a sore spot?”She didn’t want anyone else to interrupt, so she
immediately looked at Elisa and said in a fury, “Elisa! Are you still letting others speak on your behalf at
a time like this? What’s wrong? Do you have nothing to say?”Someone beside Elisa took a step&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;forward and clearly wanted to say something, but before she could do so, Elisa stopped her.The
woman was startled and didn’t say anything in the end.Elisa looked at Tina indifferently. “I have a clear
conscience regarding work matters. What should be done has to be done. This is an order.”Elisa’s tone
implied that she wasn’t asking for opinions. Tina was furious when she saw Elisa like this! She
immediately gritted her teeth and said, “Are you going to be responsible if there are any
problems?”Elisa’s expression was calm. “Gareth will be responsible.”As soon as she said it, someone
suddenly said, “Mr. Wickam is here!”In an instant, everyone looked to the door and made way for him
one after another.Gareth wrinkled his brows slightly. There had never been a time when many people
were gathered at the office.It was apparent from the cold air around him that he was displeased.But
when he looked ahead, he suddenly noticed the slim figure standing at the front.
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