Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 723

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&#lt;p&#gt;When he said this, he looked at Elisa and laughed lightly. “Do you believe them?”The man’s deep eyes
kept sizing her up. Even if he confessed to Elisa, he wouldn’t let her feel any pressure. No one could
get annoyed at the relaxed atmosphere he created.However, Elisa was the type of person who wouldn’t
feel pressured to do anything regardless if Will demanded anything of her. She replied, “This has
nothing to do with me. It’s your freedom, after all.”Will smiled and didn’t continue the topic. He looked at
her and said gently, “I’ll be leaving. If there’s anything you need, call me at any time.”Elisa was
dumbstruck.She looked at the man’s leaving figure and closed the door.She was on leave today.But it
didn’t affect her work. She could work at home.The day passed quickly. It was a peaceful day, but the
next day’s scene at work was different.Once Elisa entered the company building, she wanted to head
into the elevator but was stopped by a woman in business wear.Elisa was confused as the woman
moved threateningly toward her, but she stood on the spot.It was evident that the woman was walking
to her.Elisa didn’t say anything and waited for the woman to speak.The woman’s black hair was tied up
and she wore black framed glasses. Her skin was fair, and one could tell it was because of religious
skincare application with one glance. Although she wasn’t breathtakingly gorgeous, she was still
beautiful. From the looks of it, she was around thirty years old.Everyone who was coming to work
looked at them subconsciously. It was clear that the onlookers were curious.Two female employees
were walking together, and one asked the other, “Why did Tina Foster stop Elisa?” “I heard something
happened in Tina’s department yesterday, and she was scolded badly by her superior.” The other
woman described vividly.The woman on the left was instantly baffled. “Huh? What happened?”The
other one immediately said softly, “Didn’t you hear about it? Almost the entire company knows about
it.”“What happened?”The woman on the left was perplexed. “I was on leave yesterday afternoon. Did
something serious happen here? But nothing was said in the work chat.”Disdain immediately streaked
across the other woman’s eyes. “How can these matters be discussed publicly? It has to be solved in
private.”What on earth had happened?The curiosity in the woman’s eyes increased. She pushed the
glasses on her face. “What on earth happened? Tell me, quick.”There was still some time before work&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;started, and people weren’t in a rush. They wanted to see what was going on.The woman on the right
said softly, “Something happened in the human resources department yesterday. Tina is basically the
head of HR as the deputy manager, but she was criticized by the manager. She often pushes the
manager around, and he doesn’t have any real power, but now Elisa is supporting him.”The other
woman was startled. “So what if she’s supporting him? Does this have anything to do with Elisa?”The
woman on the right immediately continued softly, “Of course it does. If it doesn’t, would such a situation
occur? I heard that the manager had no apprehension and criticized her even when there was a job
applicant around. He said that this was a rule by Elisa and that Tina couldn’t go against orders from the
top. In any case, what he said was quite nasty, and Tina wanted to prove that she was right, so there
was a bad argument…”
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