Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 724

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&#lt;p&#gt;“I can’t believe this happened!” The other woman was surprised as the woman on the right smiled. “You
see, something is stirring up. Tina is not a simple woman. She might even make a huge scene
today.”The woman on the left didn’t say anything. Evidently, she was anticipating Tina’s actions, and
they wanted to see how Elisa would deal with it. It seemed like many people were discontented that
Elisa had been promoted.They said that she wasn’t backing down and didn’t know how to have
restraint in such a position. Many felt she wasn’t doing it for the company’s sake but exploiting the
tiger’s might as a fox. They weren’t necessarily confident in what she was doing.Among everyone
talking and staring, Tina suddenly said coldly, “Are you satisfied after doing such a thing, Elisa?”Elisa
had a calm expression, and she looked at the person before her. Confusion flickered across her
eyes.“What are you trying to say?”“What am I trying to say?” Tina laughed in her rage. She couldn’t
help but snarl, “You seem very innocent by doing such a thing, don’t you?”She said the last few words
in a strange tone, making the surrounding onlookers think that something was about to happen.Some
felt that Tina was going overboard and shouldn’t speak to a superior in such a way.But…Some rejoiced
at Elisa’s misfortune and felt that she should have been questioned like this earlier. They didn’t
understand why she was so popular.Who is she?Furthermore, she wasn’t from Wickam Group. Has Mr.
Wickam gone blind? Why did he choose such a woman to lead such an important project?Is this a
joke? Elisa didn’t question Tina but instead asked, “Just say what you want to say.”Elisa didn’t want to
listen to her go on and on. She wanted Tina to get to the point.Tina clearly couldn’t hold it in and
immediately said, “This isn’t your company, and you can’t be a jack of all trades, so why are you
interfering in everything? Why are you giving instructions at will when you don’t know anything? Do you
know how much this affects the company?!”The surrounding crowd’s curiosity was piqued. After
hearing what Tina said, they directed their gaze at Elisa, waiting to see how she would retort.Elisa had
a calm expression. It seemed she didn’t feel awkward or unhappy about what Tina said. She said
calmly, “Please be more specific.”Compared to Elisa’s patience and composure, Tina’s rage and
impatience seemed slightly abrupt.Tina clearly realized this, and the fury in her heart increased.Since&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;she started the quarrel in public, she didn’t plan to be polite. She immediately spoke to Elisa
angrily.“The human resources department has always had established regulations when recruiting new
employees, but you butted in, so we have to follow your rules. As a result, those we recruited are weird
and stubborn. They can’t even interact with other employees in the same office. Do you really think that
your ways are right?”Tina paused before she continued in a rage. “After I made a suggestion today, the
manager berated me in public to suck up to you. Have I done anything wrong? I’ve been working hard
in Wickam Group for so many years, and I dare say that everyone I’ve recruited for Wickam Group is
elite. They’re the cream of the crop. But look at those that have been recruited under your
requirements. Look at how they are!”
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