Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 722

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa shook her head. “It’s nothing. You’re welcome.”She still felt like she owed Will a favor. Previously,
she had promised him that Benett Corporation’s project would go to him. Still, it was pried away by
Gareth instead. Although she had no choice… she didn’t keep her promise. Elisa wanted to make it up
to him.But… what Will wanted was different. He wanted to marry Elisa. There was no way Elisa could
agree to such a matter.Will sized Elisa up and watched as she sat on the couch, not saying anything
else to him.Will smiled and said, “If you’re busy now, you don’t have to think about the projects. There’s
no need for that.”Elisa shook her head. “I have to keep my word since I made a promise. Furthermore,
I’ll be writing the proposal with a purpose in mind. When Benett Corporation and Darcey Group work
together in the future, Darcey Group will take the lead, and we will benefit as well.”Will immediately
sighed in frustration. “Must you really draw such clear boundaries? Everything I have is yours if you
want it.”Elisa was dumbfounded.She raised her eyes and looked at the man but didn’t say anything.
But her silence expressed everything.This wasn’t the life she wanted. She wouldn’t get married or
develop feelings for a man again.Will sighed in frustration again. “I know Gareth has hurt you, but you
must know that not everyone is like him. I’m an exception. Liz, you must believe me. After some time,
you’ll know if I’m sincere or trying to take advantage of you.” Elisa smiled and looked at the man before
she tried to play it down. “It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false. I hope that you won’t waste your time with
me. I’m just stubborn.”Was it possible for a stubborn person to bow down?A hurt expression flickered
across Will’s eyes. Elisa was slightly surprised when she saw it.There was a split second where she
wondered if Will really liked her.“I know. So you can take your time. I’m different from Carle.” There was
still a gentle smile in the corner of Will’s lips, and his eyes shone.Elisa furrowed her brows slightly and
opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything, Will smiled and got up.“It’s getting late.
I won’t disturb you any longer. I need to go back to the company and settle some matters.”Actually, it
wasn’t late. It was only one in the afternoon.Will might have been referring to her lunch break, or he
was being polite.Elisa didn’t say anything. She stared at Will’s figure as he left.Will and Carle were
indeed different.Carle’s gaze was extremely affectionate and sincere. Even if Elisa turned him down,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;she was still moved by his sincerity.But Will was different. He looked careless yet graceful, and at the
same time, he didn’t pressure others too much. He was also dreamy and treated everyone the same,
which fit his reputation as a famous, wealthy son.She paused and walked forward. She was still
hospitable and had to send Will off.At the door, Will turned and smiled at Elisa.“Liz, we have a lot of
time. I’ll give you time and things to look forward to, so you can pay more attention to me. As for the so-
called rumors…”
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Chapter 722
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