Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 720

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Look, Will is holding something. I wonder what he’s giving to Elisa. He puts so much effort into making
her happy. Alas, why can’t I have such an experience as well?”Sheena smiled. “Alright, let’s go.” Her
thoughts were in disarray at that moment. She couldn’t worry about Elisa.“Sure.” Shooting a final
glance at both of them, Rachel drove away.Elisa turned round and saw Sheena waving goodbye. In the
next instant, the car sped away.Then, she turned to look at Will, but before she could say anything, he
asked, “Now that I’m here, aren’t you going to invite me to your place?”Elisa frowned. “Will–”“Let’s go.
I’m starving – let’s have dinner together.”With that, he brought his stuff into her house, rendering her
speechless.She knew that he could find her no matter where she moved, but she didn’t like how he
showed up without prior notice.Nevertheless, she couldn’t chase him away, so she opened the
door.Will watched with a smile, changing into a pair of indoor slippers she gave him.“Thanks.”Elisa
pursed her lips silently.Will placed the takeaway on the dining table and started opening them.“Just eat
a little, alright?”Elisa’s frown deepened as she watched him enter the bathroom to wash his hands as
though he lived there. After walking out of the bathroom, he saw the expression on her face and
smiled. “You don’t like this?”“Recently, you like to show up without any notice.” Elisa cut to the
chase.Will flashed a weak smile. “I know you don’t like it, but I can’t see you if I don’t do that. Why don’t
you visit me more often?”Elisa had no intention of replying to his question.She also went to wash her
hands in the bathroom before sitting at the dining table opposite him.Will gave her a takeaway box
containing food made by his chef back home.Though it was just a takeaway, it contained everything
she needed.Elisa tucked in without any comments, but Will started chit-chatting, slowly easing her
frown.Will was an easy-going, observant person. If he was willing to show his best self, he could create
a lighthearted atmosphere and make himself amiable.However, Elisa was even more guarded toward
him.Shooting a glance at him, she thought, He’s very good at making others lower their guard. I’m
worried that he might see through me one day.Regardless, she was not worried that she might fall for
him. After all, she had suffered enough with Gareth, so she was not interested in starting a new
relationship.After finishing their food, Will handed a document to Elisa. “The legal department has&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;already seen through this, but I’m still not entirely confident. This is important.”Elisa took the contract
with a frown. Without even looking at it, she stared squarely at Will. “Do you trust me that much?”
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Chapter 720
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