Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 718

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&#lt;p&#gt;Both Rachel and Sheena were shocked to hear that.“Are you leaving something out? The entire
exchange doesn’t feel right to me,” Rachel commented, looking at Elisa through the rearview mirror.
Sheena also remained quiet.After a moment of hesitation, Elisa continued, “He is still concerned about
my well-being, but I can feel that he’s more tentative this time. There seemed to be something beyond
what he was saying, but he didn’t elaborate further. He just asked if I was okay and then hung up,
saying he didn’t want to intrude on my life.” Rachel was surprised to hear that. “For real? He said
that?”Elisa nodded. “Yeah.”After making a left turn, Rachel couldn’t help commenting, “I can’t believe it!
He seems to have changed into a different person. He actually used the word ‘intrude’? I bet he would
want to speak to you every day if he could. He carried a torch for you all this while.”“I was also
surprised to hear that. Since he already made it clear, I didn’t ask further. I don’t want to give him false
hope,” Elisa replied calmly, with a tinge of curiosity.Sheena took a deep breath with a conflicted
expression on her face.Finally, she explained, “He’s acting weird because of me. I’m not sure if I’ve
done something wrong.”Rachel could hear that something was off. Just then, she spotted a parking
spot and pulled over without hesitation.Elisa merely looked at Sheena quietly, waiting for her to
elaborate. Since she had already started the conversation, she would spill the beans. However, Rachel
was impatient. As soon as she stopped the car, she turned to look at Sheena. “What happened? What
did we miss? Something is definitely off here. Tell us! I even stopped the car for you.”Sheena sighed
helplessly before telling them what had transpired the other day.Elisa and Rachel were shocked but
were happy for her.Rachel nodded approvingly. “It’s good that you told him how you feel. It’s unfair for
you to keep holding it in. Carle should know how much you have suffered over the years.”Elisa also
nodded. Looking at Sheena’s conflicted and nervous expression, she held her hand.“There’s a
possibility that things might move forward between you guys after saying it. I hope both of you will end
up together, not because I can get rid of Carle, but because you are worthy of him – I know you really
like him.”Sheena breathed in sharply before speaking exasperatedly, “I was quite shocked at myself. I
never thought of confessing to him in that way. But after that, I felt a weight lifted off my chest. Anyway,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;though I was upset, I also felt lighter. I’m not sure if you understand such a conflicting feeling.”“I
understand,” Elisa replied simply.Though she was in a different situation, her relationship with Gareth
was also a conflicting one.Sheena sighed in exasperation again. She hesitated for a moment before
saying softly, “I’ve wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t find the courage.”Rachel turned around to look at
her. “Look at you! You kept saying you’re carefree and easy-going, but you are being so reserved.
What’s there to worry about between us?”
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