Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 715

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&#lt;p&#gt;Just like Anita and Sheena guessed, Vincent wanted to take this challenge to train himself. Such an
opportunity would only arise with a capable competitor. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to
improve any further.Under everyone’s hopeful glances, Elisa spoke slowly. “First, Ms. Golding has
made time for her son. She spends time with him every day, and she has never missed any of his
school events. She also told me that she would never remarry. Her son is most important to her, and
there aren’t any rumors about other men. Please show us the evidence for those allegations. As a
mother, she would like to raise a well-mannered child, not one who is extremely spoiled. I guess you’ve
heard the phrase ‘spare the rod and spoil the child,’ Mr. Park. Kids nowadays don’t understand their
parents’ well intentions, so he probably complained to you about it. But are you sure you want to use
this reason to get custody of the child?”Mr. Park was Anita’s ex-husband, Stanley Park. Vincent stayed
calm and remained silent.However, Stanley lost his cool. He wanted to retaliate but didn’t dare to do so
after looking at Vincent.Elisa continued.“Apart from that, Mr. Park was an alcoholic during their
marriage. Not only did he hit them, but he also didn’t care about the child at all. Is this true, Mr.
Park?”“Of course not!” he replied indignantly.Elisa looked at the judge. “Your honor, I have submitted
the videos and voice recordings as evidence.”Stanley was surprised to hear that.Why did you ask if you
already had evidence? “I don’t believe a man like him, who drinks and sleeps around all day, would
take good care of a child.”“Sleeps around? Please don’t slander me!” Stanley’s face darkened.Elisa
didn’t even look at him; her gaze remained on the judge. “Your honor, we also have evidence for Mr.
Park’s infidelity during their marriage.”Stanley was beyond surprised to hear that. What the hell?
Meanwhile, Anita was pleased to see that.She used to think this was a difficult case, but unexpectedly,
Elisa found the evidence for her.When she knew that, she became so excited that she didn’t even know
how to thank Elisa.Even Vincent’s face darkened. He turned to Stanley and asked in a voice so quiet
that the microphone couldn’t pick it up. Stanley was the only person who could hear him.“You cheated
on her? If you continue to lie, don’t blame me for not helping you.”“Y-Y-Yes.”“What Elisa said just now –
is it true?”Stanley blanched. He didn’t reply, but his lips were trembling. The expression on his face was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;answer enough.Vincent’s face darkened again. He hated dishonest clients – they were usually
problematic in court.However, Elisa was not done yet.“That was all about his life. I would also like to
mention that Mr. Park has never been a dutiful father. The child also spent a few days with Mr. Park,
but what did Mr. Park do? He handed the kid to the nanny and went out to have fun for the entire day.
Are you trying to get custody so the kid will take care of you when you’re old?”
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