Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 716

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&#lt;p&#gt;“N-N-No, I didn’t! Stop making up these lies!”That was all Stanley could say. He became increasingly
annoyed and anxious while Vincent looked glum. As soon as the judge asked an officer to play the
videos and voice recordings, everyone’s face darkened.What Stanley said in the voice recordings was
awful and inhumane, and the video was unseemly. Everyone fell silent, and their thoughts toward
Stanley changed entirely.Even Stanley’s family felt embarrassed for him; they wanted to leave
immediately.When Anita saw that, her face also darkened. The video and voice recordings proved that
she had been cheated on pathetically.Ha. I’m now the laughingstock of the entire world, but I don’t
care. I can take anything the world throws at me for my son’s sake. This is nothing at all. I couldn’t
accept this back then, but now… I’ve already put it behind me.Apart from disgust, she had no other
feelings toward her ex-husband.When Vincent saw the evidence, his expression hardened.“You’re
going to lose the entire case by not telling the truth.” His cold glance swept past Stanley’s
face.Stanley’s expression immediately changed. Never did he think his wrong-doings would be
exposed.I hid them well! Even if Anita wanted to look for evidence back then, it would be difficult. After
so many years, how did they resurface? He had no idea how this could happen.“What should we do?”
he asked, panicking.Vincent snorted coldly. “What else? We can only wait for them to announce our
loss.”No! I need to get custody of my son! How can I lose?Nevertheless, Vincent ignored him
completely.Still looking at the judge, Elisa said, “The evidence is true, and we are willing to wait for your
verdict.”Her nonchalance showed how confident she was in herself. At that moment, everyone
assumed that Stanley would lose.Vincent stopped speaking as though he had given up. In reality, he
was furious at the situation.He wanted a showdown with Elisa, but Stanley had dragged him down.At
that point, it was without any dispute that they would lose. On top of that, he was not immoral to the
point of helping a jerk get custody and hurting the child.“You have to help me, Mr. Shane!” Stanley
pleaded anxiously.Vincent laughed coldly.“How can I help you when you’ve done something so
stupid?”Vincent almost blurted out, ‘In your dreams!”Silence fell in the courtroom. The judge remained
quiet for a few minutes before speaking.“We need to verify these.”Elisa nodded. “Of course. But if it is&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;true, will the mother get custody?”“Yes,” the judge replied without any hesitation.Stanley was
dumbfounded to hear that.My son! How can she get custody of my son?
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