Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 714

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&#lt;p&#gt;The judge and other professionals looked solemn as everyone took their seats.Sheena and Rachel
also arrived to witness the proceeding. Rachel wanted to learn something from this experience; her
best friend was a top-notch lawyer.Meanwhile, Sheena was there to pass her time. When Rachel saw
Vincent, her face instantly darkened.She had been chatting with Sheena, so she didn’t look at the
panel. She had complete confidence that Elisa was going to win.Before arriving, she even wondered if
there were anyone who dared to be the defense lawyer for the opposition.However, as soon as she
lifted her head, she spotted him.Sheena was also surprised to see him. “Perhaps he already knew that
Elisa was taking this case.”“Hasn’t he conceded defeat? I can’t believe he still wants to take the
challenge even after losing to Elisa last time.”“This proves that he’s in her league! He might get a
chance to win by continuously trying.”“He’s toxic! Elisa mentioned that Anita’s case would be a definite
win – there were solid points in their favor. I’m sure Vincent knows that too. Since that’s the case,
there’s nothing for him to learn here. He should find a case where he can fully utilize his capabilities,”
Rachel said disdainfully.Sheena burst out laughing. “Do you know how many cases Elisa has taken
lately? If the case was that simple, Anita wouldn’t be so worried about it. Just because Elisa is in
charge, you think it’s easy.”Rachel was silent upon hearing that. She has a point.She pouted in silent
approval of Sheena’s points. “Plaintiff, it’s your turn to speak.”The plaintiff was Anita’s ex-husband.He
had long wanted to take their son away from her. The child had been with her most of the time.Apart
from that, he had also done a lot of damage to the situation.An average lawyer might think that the
plaintiff might win this case; even Anita herself didn’t have high hopes.However, Elisa found a few
points that were spot on. It was the reason she was confident of winning the case.Vincent started
speaking, “My client would like to have custody of the child. First, Ms. Golding has no time to be with
her son; she cannot provide him with a happy childhood. Second, there are many rumors about her
and different men. If she marries another man, the child might suffer. Meanwhile, my client can promise
that he will never remarry. Third, the child once called my defendant to complain about the ill-treatment
of his mother. He wanted to be with his father. Those are my points, your honor.”Anita’s brows were&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;locked into a frown. She wanted to speak, but with Elisa next to her, she remained silent.She had
complete trust in Elisa.“The defendant may speak now.”Everyone’s gaze fell on her.As usual, there
were no documents on her desk. If another lawyer did this, people would think of them as
unprofessional.However, things were different when it came to Elisa.“I would like to refute the plaintiff’s
points.”Excitement sparkled in Vincent’s eyes. He did not intend to serve his client; he merely wanted
to spar with Elisa mentally.The moment Elisa took the case, he immediately contacted Anita’s ex-
husband.At that moment, he was beyond excited to start the duel.
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