Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 713

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&#lt;p&#gt;“I’d like her to assign two reliable people to keep an eye on Linda.”Anita froze. “Did she do something
again?” Elisa smiled without answering.Since Anita was not someone who would pry, she replied,
“Sure. I’ll call my sister now and ask her to do that.” “Okay. Perhaps we won’t get any information, but
it’s better than nothing. Thanks a lot, Ms. Golding.”“Again, you don’t have to be so formal about it.
You’re helping me out too.”Elisa chuckled. “Alright, alright.”“It’s not safe to go out alone – you’re a
woman, after all. Take care.”“Yeah. It’s not early anymore. Have a good night.”“Goodnight.”With that,
they hung up.Elisa didn’t tell anyone about the call history she had just discovered because doing so
felt dangerous. She didn’t want to put anyone else at risk.Since she only requested more surveillance
on Linda, the mastermind probably wouldn’t mind since they couldn’t find anything deeper than the
surface level.The police were efficient. With help from Wickam Group, they quickly caught all the
suspects.Though the suspects had someone powerful backing them up, the mastermind wasn’t on par
with Gareth at all.They had no one else to blame apart from themselves – it was entirely their fault, and
they deserved the punishment.…After that, things seemed to have settled down. The time had arrived
for the lawsuit Elisa promised to help Anita with.It was rumored that Anita’s ex-husband found a
capable lawyer to help him out.Elisa didn’t care because it was a strong case for them. She didn’t mind
at all how impressive the other lawyer was.However, her gaze froze when she saw who it was.He
smiled at her cunningly as though he was saying, ‘What a coincidence, Ms. Benett.”Anita was also
taken aback when she saw him. “I didn’t know Mr. Shane was the defense lawyer.”Elisa smiled without
making any comments.Sitting next to her, Anita said with a smile, “I remember you beat him in a lawsuit
once.”“That was because Wickam Group doesn’t have any points to back themselves up,” Elisa replied
coolly.Anita smiled again. “Perhaps Vincent wanted to challenge you again, either to defeat you or to
train himself.”With Elisa here, Anita was unperturbed; she even made some jokes.However, if Elisa
weren’t there, she would probably panic as soon as she saw Vincent.After all, everyone knew how
formidable of an opponent he was.Nevertheless, with Iris on her side, she didn’t feel the pressure.Elisa
shot a glance at Vincent. He was speaking with Anita’s ex-husband, who smiled obsequiously at&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;him.Vincent probably reached out to him first. Anita’s ex-husband is a nobody – he wouldn’t have the
guts to hire Vincent, and Vincent wouldn’t even accept this case.In no time, the lawsuit finally started.
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