Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 711

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&#lt;p&#gt;He did that to prevent Carle from seeing the news and contacting Elisa.“Alas… It will be quite late when
he sees the news. I didn’t even know that immediately. I’m afraid he will feel guilty that he was unable
to protect you in the first place – he’s going to blame himself for being an incompetent boyfriend.” As
soon as she finished speaking, Sheena joined the call since Rachel had called the group.“What are you
guys talking about?” Sheena asked. “Have a look at the trending page,” Rachel replied calmly.Sheena
giggled. “What happened? Did Elisa get involved in a weird trend again?”As she was speaking, she
opened Twitter. However, as soon as she saw the trending page, her expression immediately
changed.“What is going on?”She immediately checked the hashtag and read through the comments
and the photographs.When Elisa told them the situation, they felt a chill down their spine.Sheena was
enraged, especially since she had just received the news; Rachel already had some time to digest the
information.“How did this happen? How dare they touch you! Don’t they know you’re a favorite of
Gareth, Will, and Carle? How dare they do that!”A thought occurred to Rachel, who said fearfully, “This
is not just a harassment case! Elisa, they’re doing this to hurt you! Someone hired them to do
that!”Elisa’s silence was considered tacit approval.“Jerks! *ssholes! Could it be Linda again?” Sheena’s
voice was laced with fury. Though all she knew were from the online comments and Elisa’s brief
explanation, she could feel how dangerous it was. With that thought in mind, she said, “Fortunately, you
know self-defense. Otherwise, they…”Her voice trailed off fearfully. She couldn’t bring herself to
imagine the situation otherwise.Elisa chuckled. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”“Ugh…” Sheena
grunted angrily. “Those motherf*ckers deserve to die!”She couldn’t help swearing.Though Rachel was
also enraged, Sheena’s outburst made her laugh.“What are you laughing about?” Sheena asked.“I’m
laughing at you. Impulse can be a devil…”“B*llshit! Those criminals need to be punished severely. They
deserve to rot in hell! I’m so mad!” Sheena said irately.She hated people like that the most. On top of
that, they even attempted to hurt her best friend.Elisa smiled. “Calm down. Look at me – I’m fine. The
police have also been alerted, so there will be no problems.”“Hmph! Regardless, I’ll still be worried
about you. What if they tried again?”Elisa smiled. “I’ve already asked people to look into this&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;incident.”“Alas…” Sheena and Rachel sighed together, worried about Elisa.“I need to investigate this
matter further. I have to go now,” Elisa said.“Go ahead, but you have to be really careful, babe. Don’t
go out when it’s late.”“Sure.”After chatting for a while longer, they hung up.Then, Elisa’s phone rang
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