Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 710

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&#lt;p&#gt;Perhaps Norman and his family could no longer contain themselves and started acting against her
again.Elisa started to think hard. “Sigh… You must really be careful in the future, Elisa. Why don’t you
bring a bodyguard with you? I shall ask this rascal to get you two bodyguards. I will feel less anxious
that way. Since you are now targeted, it might have been planned by our enemies. You are not safe
alone.”Elisa offered another gentle smile and reassured Julia again, “Grandma, I’m really fine.” But she
also intended to get down to the truth about this matter.Julia was still unsettled despite Elisa’s attempts
to ease her anxiety. She tried to convince Elisa again.Finally, Elisa relented and agreed to Julia’s
suggestion about having a bodyguard.Gareth also agreed to get two bodyguards for Elisa after being
pestered by Julia. Only then Julia felt relieved.It was quite late, so Elisa did not stay in their manor for
long.The Wickam family’s driver sent Elisa to the place where she parked her car. Then, he drove Elisa
home in her car. He only went back after sending Elisa right to her doorstep.Old Madam Wickam’s
gesture moved Elisa. Not forgetting her manners, she thanked the driver.Upon entering her room, she
took out her phone and called Charli.Charli answered almost immediately. “What’s wrong,
darling?”“Charli, can you do me a favor?”“What’s the matter? Just say it.” Charli closed her car door as
she finished speaking. She had just returned from work and was headed into her house.Elisa told her
about everything that had happened to her today.Charli shivered, “How could this happen?”Just as
Elisa was about to answer Charli, she received an incoming call. It was Rachel.She rejected the call
and sent Rachel a text.Elisa: ‘Hold on. I’m on the phone now.’ At the same time, she continued
speaking to Charli. “I believe that I’m not just a random victim. These people knew who I was.
Someone must’ve hired them to assault me.”“Leave this to me. I will send someone to investigate this
matter!”“Okay.”After a few more exchanges of conversation, they ended the call. Then, Elisa called
Rachel back.Before Elisa could speak, Rachel asked worriedly, “What happened? Are you alright? Did
anything happen to you?”“I’m fine. I’m at home now. You don’t have to worry about me.”Elisa sounded
relaxed. It was as if nothing had happened to her that day.Rachel knew that Elisa was skilled in martial
arts. But she was still worried as those hooligans were not just any ordinary recruits.Rachel frowned&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and confirmed once more. “Are you really fine? You are not lying to me, are you?”“You can come to my
house to check on me.” Elisa teased.Rachel sighed gently in relief when she heard Elisa’s answer. But
she still couldn’t help feeling anxious in her stomach. So she suggested, “Let’s video call!”Rachel hung
up immediately and sent a video call request to Elisa.Elisa answered the call. When Rachel finally
made sure that Elisa was home and that she was totally fine, she sighed in relief. “I just saw the
trending posts on Twitter. I’ve never expected this to happen to you! Those bastards!”Elisa grinned and
said gently, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.”Rachel frowned, clearly still uneased about her
earlier predicament. “What about Carle? Does he know about this?”“He didn’t call me. I don’t think he
knows,” Elisa replied calmly.But…Neither of them knew how occupied Carle was at the moment. He
suddenly had a lot of work to do. He was in an emergency meeting caused by Gareth.
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Chapter 710
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