Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 709

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth felt annoyed with Elisa’s reluctance to divulge what had happened.Julia looked at Elisa in
disbelief. “Darling?” Elisa’s eyes shone as she held Julia’s hand back tightly. “Well, I learned some
when I was young. I practice it often too, so I’m quite skilled in it. No one can hurt me.”Gareth’s phone
rang right after Elisa finished speaking. It was Thomas.Gareth answered the call.“What is it?”“Mr.
Wickam, I went to the police station just now to follow up on the case. A total of seventeen people were
detained. Twelve of them have broken bones, two of them have permanent penile fractures, and three
of them suffer from injuries all over their bodies.”The corner of Gareth’s lips twitched as he glanced at
Elisa.Julia sat beside Gareth. She could hear Thomas’s words even though the call wasn’t on
loudspeaker.Before she could even react, Thomas continued, “The police said that Ms. Benett was
very confident in her moves. Ms. Benett had acted swiftly to stop the hooligans when they wanted to
escape. She even fixed one of the hooligans’ dislocated arm.”Both Gareth and Julia were taken aback
by the news.She stared at Elisa in disbelief, as if she could not connect two and two together.Elisa was
seated beside Julia. The manor was quiet, so she could pick up Thomas’s voice on the phone. She
rubbed her nose in embarrassment under Julia’s stare.Gareth did not speak. Thomas continued, “The
police are interrogating them about the mastermind behind this. They might need some
time.”“Mmm.”Gareth ended the call after Thomas finished his report. His face grew visibly solemn as he
remained silent. After Julia finally returned to her senses, she could not help but ask Elisa, “Elisa, Did
you… Do all of that?”Elisa coughed lightly to cover her embarrassment. “… Yes.”Julia was at a loss for
words.Meanwhile, Gareth was still quiet. But he seemed to look more relieved.After a period of silence,
Julia couldn’t help but voice her doubt, “But Elisa, You…. why didn’t I know that you were skilled in
Taekwondo?”Gareth chimed in sardonically, “Well, you didn’t know about Iris before this, too, did
you?”Elisa pursed her lips and frowned as she looked at Gareth.Julia sighed, “Oh, child, you have
suffered terribly over these years! You wouldn’t have to try so hard to protect yourself if this rascal knew
how to treat you well! You rascal! This is all your fault!”Julia punched Gareth in the chest.Although it
didn’t hurt, Gareth froze for a moment.His fault?Was it because of his aloofness that she never told him&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;anything?He frowned and thought to himself.Elisa beamed, “Grandma, look. I’m fine. You don’t have to
worry about me. I can protect myself well. Although there are still some hooligans in this city, no one
will act too rashly in this civilized country. You do not have to stress about it.”“Hey, the world is not a
safe place for girls. Moreover, you are so outstanding and beautiful. It is unavoidable that you would
attract ill-intentioned men.”Elisa’s eyes trembled a bit. Ill-intentioned?This was obviously a planned
attack. However, Norman and his family were already too occupied with their business. At the same
time, Linda wouldn’t dare harm her, too, for this time being. She was too afraid of the threat Elisa had
over her. So who could it be?
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Chapter 709
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