Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 708

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa watched the man walk to the driver’s seat with a sullen face. Elisa frowned as he ignited the
engine and started driving.Gareth drove quietly without betraying even a hint of sound. Elisa pursed her
lips tightly and announced, “My car is still there. You can drop me at that intersection.”The intersection
was on Gareth’s way back. Of course, it was near the alley too.Gareth did not respond and continued
to drive.However… as he went on, Elisa suddenly realized that Gareth was using a different route.She
immediately turned to look at him. “Where are you going?”Gareth ignored her and drove on with an
indifferent look on his face. He did not even bother to sneak a glance at Elisa.As he went on, Elisa
realized where he was headed.She pursed her lips quietly.This matter caused an uproar on Twitter.
Grandma must have known, so she would best show up and let Grandma know that she was
okay.After all, Grandma was the only senior in their family who cared about her the most.Elisa sighed.
She did not intend to ask any more questions.Soon, they arrived at the Wickam Manor.Gareth took off
his seatbelt right after he stopped his car. He still refused to look at Elisa.He was clearly still internally
fuming about the matter on Twitter.Elisa, however, felt detached from the incident. She did not want to
guess the reason for his bad mood.It did not concern her at all. Moreover, he was a temperamental
person. She was done catering to his mood swings.Elisa got out of the car quietly, as usual.The door of
the manor opened before she even walked in. Old Madam Wickam stood anxiously by the door and
said, “Hurry! Come over and let me take a look at you! Were you terrified, Elisa?” Julia’s kind voice and
worried complexion made Elisa feel touched.She quickly answered, “Grandma, I’m fine. The police
arrived on time.”A sarcastic look flashed across Gareth’s eyes as he went to the sofa to sit.Julia
grabbed Elisa’s hand tightly and started to inspect her body for any injuries.“Did those hooligans bully
you? Elisa, you must be extra cautious in the future! Grandma will feel worried if you have no one by
your side.”She sounded terribly worried.Elisa smiled and shook her head. “Grandma, I really am
fine.”“How could you be fine after such a huge incident today? Those bastards!” Julia turned to Gareth
and asked, “Did you tell the police that we will not let this go?”Elisa’s eyes flickered. No wonder Gareth
said that to the police just now. Old Madam Wickam must have told him to do so.Gareth nodded lightly.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“How could I forget your orders?”Old Madam Wickam snorted coldly, “These people are just ruthless!
Don’t they know that there is law in our country?”Gareth sat on the sofa. He was calm and quiet.Julia
led Elisa to the sofa and said soothingly, “You must have felt overwhelmed about what happened. I’ve
told the maids to make you some hot soup. Have a bit to calm yourself down.”Elisa felt warm and fuzzy
inside. She returned a smile and nodded. “Thank you, Grandma.”“Don’t mention it. You must have
been shocked, haven’t you? Are you really alright, Elisa? Don’t lie to me.”Gareth interrupted with a
sarcastic quip, “Your granddaughter is a skilled taekwondo master. She beat everyone to a pulp. How
could she get hurt?”
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