Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 707

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&#lt;p&#gt;The two of them should no longer have any connection with one another!They did not believe the posts
they saw on Twitter! Moreover, when they voiced their concerns to their hirer, they were assured that
Gareth had ceased contact with Elisa already.But now! It seemed like they were made fools of!Nobody
dared make a sound. The hearts thumped faster in their ears.What should we do? What should we do?
Before they could act, Gareth spoke solemnly, his tone unchanging.“The town will not have peace if
these hooligans do not get their lesson. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need any.”The policemen
were stunned but returned to their senses immediately and replied, “Sure, sure! Thank you so
much!”Gareth nodded lightly.Elisa smiled and added, “Well, you can ask me for help, too, if you need
me.”Elisa was not someone they could ignore too!These two people had given them a big surprise
today!The hooligans were at a complete loss for words!If the Wickam Group interfered in this matter,
their leader would surely give up on them, as the Wickam Group was too powerful for them to
challenge!Everyone instantly understood that those two were entirely on a separate plane of existence
where no ordinary human roamed.In the meantime, not a single word was exchanged between Gareth
and Elisa as they walked out of the station together.Elisa had come to the station in the police car
today. She turned to face Gareth and said, “Thank you so much.”No matter the reason, it doesn’t
change the fact that he came today. Although his visit did not help much, he was still her current
employer, and it meant something to her to see that he had made an effort for her.Gareth gave her a
cold, hard gaze as he growled, “Why did you go to the alley?”“I was just walking around.” She had
wanted to take some fresh air. She had missed her father after talking about him during her meeting
with Brandon Simmons.But… she could no longer see her father.Gareth did not know anything about
this. He sneered coldly, “Were you so bored that you had to walk in the alley at night? Didn’t Will
accompany you?”If not, she still had Carle.But Gareth did not voice out his thoughts about Carle.Elisa
frowned slightly and saw the stern look on Gareth’s face. However, she did not feel like explaining
herself to Gareth, so she merely replied, “I’m going to flag a cab. Goodbye.”She walked towards the
road and took out her phone to call a cab after speaking.Gareth’s eyes tightened as he saw her figure&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;leaving.He had come all the way here for her. But he only got a ‘thank you’ from her. Now, she was
even treating him weirdly. Who gave her the guts to do so?Gareth walked towards Elisa angrily and
grabbed her by her wrist.Elisa scowled hard instantly. She turned around and looked at him, her tone
lacquered with annoyance as she demanded, “What are you doing?”Gareth was shocked by his
actions too. What was he doing?But he immediately regained his senses. He was upset by Elisa’s
disrespectful attitude toward him!He dragged Elisa into his car without explaining.Elisa tried to wriggle
free from his grasp, but her strength was no competition.Elisa could not hurt him too, so she could only
let him drag her.Gareth thought of how badly Elisa beat those hooligans up just now.Yet despite her
obvious strength, she did not lift a finger against him. The look on his face relaxed for a bit.He loosened
his grip too.But it was still firm enough to stop Elisa from escaping. He dragged her to the co-drivers
seat.Elisa sat in the car seat. The look on her face was gruesome. She could have escaped when he
headed to the driver’s seat, but he would still drag her back, so she conceded to his demands.
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