Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 706

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda gasped in shock. “What the heck!”Witch! ……At the police station. Everyone had arrived.The
hooligans felt pain all over their bodies. Some of them, including Tom, could barely walk at all.He could
only walk with the help of two subordinates. His whole body was in pain, and he felt like he was about
to die.He initially wanted to tell the police to send him to the hospital first, but after his eyes caught
Elisa’s cold gaze, he dared not speak a word……After everyone had entered the room, Elisa played
the recording she had taken earlier.Everyone panicked when they heard the recording replaying the
event that took place.Meanwhile, the police’s faces gradually turned grimmer with understanding.When
the recording finished playing, Elisa said gently, “Mr. Policemen, I think these men are recidivists. I
don’t know how many people they have hurt or how many crimes they have committed. They even
have accomplices; I hear that they have superiors on top too. Should we find out who these people
are?”She had browsed through her Twitter when they were on their way to the police station.“Reducing
crimes is our duty. We will report this to our superiors.”Elisa nodded and calmly responded, “These
people had bad intentions toward me today. They wanted to beat me up and hurt me. I was hitting back
in self-defense, wasn’t I?”The two policemen looked at the hooligans, who could barely get up, and
replied immediately, “Yes, it’s self-defense.”The hooligans were stunned by the police’s acceptance of
Elisa’s excuse.Are the two of you blind? Their leader might have a permanent penile fracture. With
such an injury sustained, was that still considered self-defense?This was clearly an intentional
tort!But… Who would dare utter a single word?Who dared to do so?“Ms. Benett, we still need to record
your statement according to standard procedures.”Elisa consented, “Right.”So she cooperated with the
police and made her statement. But before she could complete all the necessary procedures, a
significant person came.He walked straight towards Elisa. When he finally reached Elisa, he had
already learned about the situation from his employee and felt less anxious.When he saw Elisa, safe
and unhurt, sitting in front of the policemen, he felt a wave of relief flood through his body.Elisa turned
around and saw Gareth in front of her. Her eyes flashed with surprise, and she asked curiously, “Why
are you here?”Gareth glanced at her resentfully as he muttered, “Do you think I’d care if it wasn’t for&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Grandma?”Elisa stood on the spot, speechless.The police officers glanced at Gareth and Elisa. Their
relationship felt weird to outsiders. It was as if the two had a strange magnetic field that stopped people
from interrupting their conversation.Gareth did not look at anyone else except for Elisa.When Elisa was
done with all the procedures, Gareth glared with hostile eyes at the hooligans squatting on the
ground.At that instance!The hooligans’ bodies shook in fear!Why was Gareth protecting Elisa?Weren’t
they divorced? Wasn’t Gareth rumored to have many other women?It was merely a swift glance from
Gareth. But it was enough to make those hooligans feel threatened.They felt cold sweat running down
their backs.We are done.Done……!
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