Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 704

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&#lt;p&#gt;Linda and Rose glanced at the phone simultaneously. They knew that this call might be from that
person.Linda looked at her phone again and realized it was a virtual network call. There was no phone
number. Linda hesitated for a moment before accepting the call. But she did not make a sound upon
answering the call.The childish voice sounded almost immediately. “Have you seen the posts on
Twitter?”Linda’s pupils moved slightly, and she paused for a moment before answering, “Yes.”Her reply
was curt because she did not fully trust that person yet. If not, she would have asked how Elisa got
away safe and sound even though many people were hired to defile her. She was unsettled!Before
Linda could say anything, the voice explained.“She is skilled. I didn’t expect that.” The voice sounded
calm, as if this failure did not affect them.Linda was surprised. “Skilled?”She grew up with Elisa. Why
didn’t she know that Elisa was skilled?“Didn’t you know?” The voice sounded surprised. They had
planned to ask Linda why she hadn’t informed them of it.“I didn’t know. That is impossible.” Linda was
speechless.Rose sat beside Linda to listen to their conversation.The voice continued, “Those hooligans
were beaten up quite badly. They have been gangsters for many years and are skilled. However, none
of them were able to fight her. Eventually, the gangsters could no longer take it and called the
police.”Linda and Rose were speechless.What a bunch of garbage!Linda did not know what else to
say. She had many questions, but she did not trust this person! The voice sneered, “I know you must
be wondering what I would do next.”Linda was shocked the voice knew her thoughts so well.They were
soulmates indeed!It would be perfect if she could rely on this person!The voice spoke calmly, “I will
continue to come up with plans against Elisa. I will not be so lenient since I now know she is skilled.
You can take this opportunity and study what is happening these days. Remember, Linda. This is your
last chance to work with me.”Linda pursed her lips and kept silent.The call ended.Linda put down her
phone. The look on her face was complicated. She raised her eyes and looked at Rose.“You heard it
too. What do you think?”Rose looked solemn as she frowned, “I fear that she is someone sent by Elisa.
She could even be Elisa herself. What if this is a trap? Then you would be sent to jail if you promised to
work with her.”Linda’s face turned ugly. “I’m worried about that too. But success doesn’t come with zero&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;sacrifices!”Rose did not say anything. The look on her face was solemn.Linda continued, “I’m trapped
here, and none of you can get me out of this place. But that person can and will if I agree to work with
them! Do you know how important this is to me? I can change my way of communicating with the
person next time. I can use a voice changer as well.”Rose frowned hard. “Didn’t the voice say that it
would try one more time? Let’s wait and see.”“I don’t even know if it is a man or a woman. I hate this
feeling.” Linda held her phone tightly. The look on her face was gruesome.She thought for a while, then
glanced at Rose. “Mother, do you think that it could be Nicole Tabor?”
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