Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 703

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&#lt;p&#gt;The way Linda pretended to be insane was like this—she told everyone that she wasn’t sick and had to
leave the place. She made herself seem completely normal, but her actions spoke otherwise. So, no
one thought she was in her right mind. Only then was she able to get off scot-free from her crimes.“I
can get you out of the mental hospital if you listen to me. I can help you solve your problems too and
tamper the evidence. Then, you can get out of the mental hospital.” The voice stopped for a moment,
then added, “My only purpose is to ruin Elisa completely. I believe we both carry the same goal.” Linda
froze. She could barely believe her ears.She no longer wished to hang up. She frowned hard quietly.
Her face had turned dark and ugly.She was worried that this might be a trap. But she could not resist
this good deal.She just held her phone quietly.She had many questions, but she dared not voice them
out. She was afraid she might fall into the person’s trap if she asked. Everything would be different if it
were Elisa speaking to her now.She took a tiny breath to relieve her tensed self.Immediately afterward,
the voice continued, “I know you don’t trust me. I will soon plan some misfortunes for Elisa to prove my
credibility to you.”Linda was startled. “What do you plan to do.”“What about being defiled by a group of
people?”A sparkle of excitement flashed in Linda’s eyes!Will that be possible?Although Elisa was
married before, she only loved Gareth. So, Gareth naturally still had feelings for her. But what if many
people defiled her? Gareth would surely shun her!The more Linda thought about it, the more excited
she felt.The person continued, “I can only do simple things like this. The only person who can ruin her
is you. You will need to act in the future because I cannot reveal myself. I can only plan for you and
give you orders. I will protect you after getting you out of that place. But you will have to obey my
orders.”Linda frowned and remained silent.She was afraid that this call would be recorded.Not saying
anything meant she agreed with the terms.The person knew what her silence meant. So she continued,
“I will create two incidents to prove to you. This is the first condition. I’m impatient and do not wish to
spend too much time on your insecurities. After the second incident, the deal will be off if you still
cannot follow my orders.”Linda pursed her lips quietly. The person continued, “You should pay attention
to the news these days.”Then, the call ended before Linda could say anything.Linda looked at her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;phone in shock.…Linda could not help but analyze, “I don’t know who that person is, the grudges they
have against Elisa, or the reason the person cannot reveal themselves.”Rose frowned. “So this person
is the mastermind behind this incident.”“Yes.” Linda’s face was filled with hatred. “But I never expected
Elisa to escape this time! I’m so angry! Mother, why can she live such a happy life? Why? Why?”Just
as Linda finished speaking, her phone rang.
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