Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 700

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&#lt;p&#gt;The two officers were speechless. They nodded without a word and led the thugs into the vehicle.The
rumbling of the patrol vehicle caught the attention of passersby. Plus, with the number of people being
led into the car and the eye-catching woman in the midst, many took photos of the scene.The situation
was trending on the Internet within a few minutes. Countless celebrities were ticked off as the news
they bought, hoping it would bring the spotlight on them, was ignored and didn’t make it into the
trending searches.Elisa’s name ended up being the most searched topic. Even the news of Will and
Gareth that had just died down was trending again because of her.Safe to say, Twitter was
buzzing.Netizens were gleefully gossiping about the situation.—xx: ‘Did you see?! Elisa Benett was
taken away by the police! I wonder who would appear first, Mr. Wickam or Mr. Darcey? Who would be
the prince charming to save the damsel in distress?’—xxx: ‘Of course, it will be my Mr. Darcey!!! He’s
practically perfect, AND he’s single. Although there were a lot of rumors about him, there’s none now!
He definitely deserves her since he’s serious about pursuing her!’—xxx: ‘Now that you say it… I think
Mr. Wickam has been pretty quiet recently. Even though there were some issues with Linda Benett,
they fell out and have nothing to do with each other now.’ —xxx: ‘That’s not true. Even if Linda Benett is
not in the picture, there’s still Nicole Tabor. Her family’s even more well-off than Elisa’s. Rose Meek
even leaked a recording of Old Mr. Wickam saying that the two are getting engaged. The Tabor family
didn’t deny it either. Haven’t you heard that when a woman pursues a man, her chance of succeeding
is far greater than when a man pursues a woman? Who knows, Mr. Wickam might fall for her. I still
think Mr. Darcey is more reliable. Elisa should choose him. She shouldn’t even look at any other
man.’—xx: ‘But I heard that Semoa Group’s young master likes Elisa too. I think they were childhood
sweethearts. OMG, how incredible is my goddess! There are so many men after her! I’m so excited,
ahhhhhh!’—xx: ‘Y’all? Aren’t you going off-topic? The news is that Elisa was taken in by the police, but
you’re talking about who she should be with?’—xxx: ‘Someone will help her out sooner or later.
Besides, my goddess is not necessarily the one that’s at fault. There’s nothing to worry about. Didn’t
you see all those people behind her? They look like a bunch of hoodlums.’—xx: ‘They are! I’ve met&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;them before! They have someone backing them up and always act without care. They even tried to
molest me once. Thankfully, I ran away before they could! Or else!’—xx: ‘Jesus Christ!! Then
Elisa…!!!’—xxx: ‘I don’t think anything happened. Her clothes were neat, and she was still as elegant
as ever (AHHH! All hail my goddess! I can’t help but worship her beauty!! If only she’s in show
business!) *cough* Anyway, didn’t you notice the thugs limping? Someone must have taught them a
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Chapter 700
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