Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 701

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&#lt;p&#gt;Many people commented. Some were worried, some were gossiping, some watched, while some
taunted.Coincidentally, Gareth was browsing through Twitter with his phone. He did not expect to learn
about Elisa’s abduction. As soon as he read the news, his face darkened. He called Thomas straight
away. Immediately after his call connected, he ordered, “Go and find out about what happened to
Elisa.”Thomas was shocked to hear the news as well. He replied, “Right away.” Then, Gareth walked
out and called his other assistant. He told him to find Will something to do.After a moment of hesitation,
he added, Carle too.His assistant was a little puzzled, but he dared not comment much about his boss’
orders.They were too occupied with work, so they did not know what had happened.They were
surprised that their president was the first to know about this.But of course… They had no time to
discuss the matter now.Everyone was in a hurry to go to the police station.The topic was still being
widely discussed online.More and more people were becoming aware of this matter.Linda was one of
them!Her face turned extremely ugly. She gritted her teeth and snarled, “Witch! Witch! Why is she not
totally ruined yet?”Rose was looking at the hot search page too. But when she realized Linda’s
reaction, “Why are you so ticked off?”“How can I stay calm watching Elisa living her life so well? I’m
almost dying from anger!” Linda gripped her phone tightly as she stared at Elisa on her phone screen.
She wished she could cut Elisa into pieces! But she couldn’t. She could only watch this happen!She felt
even more crushed when she saw the comments online.“Why? Why does everyone listen to her? What
magic does she have? She is just a widow!” Linda trembled so hard in anger that she almost broke the
phone in her hand. “I’m not settled! I’m not settled!”The look on Rose’s face turned ugly instantly. “Has
this got something to do with you?”She did not accompany Linda at all hours because Linda seemed
emotionally stable. She was not mentally ill either. She was fit to go out and do things occasionally.But
now… When she saw her daughter getting irate over this matter, she suspected her daughter was
guilty!Linda’s stare was fixed on her phone. She did not say anything nor look at Rose.Rose was more
convinced now that Linda was related to this incident.She stomped toward Linda and snatched Linda’s
phone away.“Do you know what is happening now? How could you do something like that?!”Linda&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;sneered at once, “I’m not settled! Why is this witch still thriving? Why!”“You cannot go back now
because you are still on the list of suspects. But look at what you’ve done! You’ve hurt Elisa once more!
Do you even know what you’re doing?”Linda held her phone tightly and roared, “I’ve said I’m not
settled! I don’t want to see this witch thriving so well! Moreover, am I not fine? I have got nothing to do
with this incident!”Rose froze. She glanced at Linda suspiciously, “You did not do it?”
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