Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 696

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&#lt;p&#gt;The men burst out into laughter.“Boss, where should we go? Are we going to do it here? There’s no
nice scenery or good lighting. We can’t really use our torches, can we?” “Yeah, it’s a bit too risqué. We
can’t see clearly and are in the middle of the city. What if she screams too loud? It will be bad if
someone chances upon us.”The men were getting too excited. The woman before them was like a
mysterious being. She had a pretty face and a glamorous body. She was also Gareth’s ex-wife, but she
remained a mystery to people. They would be fools to let go of such an opportunity. They had pinned
for this woman for ages but never had the chance to get close to her. But it was different now. Their
client had given them a lot of money and promised protection if they harmed this woman. Of course,
they would agree. The person who hired them must have a backing. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to
do this without means of resolution. With that thought, their faces lit up with anticipation and glee. They
were thinking about the possibilities of what would happen later. They couldn’t wait to be satisfied. The
only problem was that there were many of them and only one woman. It must be nice being the head of
the group, as he would probably be the first to have a go. The rest of them would have to wait in
line.They let out an audible sigh. They felt the pain of waiting. There was a sudden screech when they
were creating scenarios in their minds. They were shocked by the sound and turned to the source.
Their boss was bent at the waist and holding on to a part below his waist with two hands. Those near
him could see the sweat on his brow. They lifted their eyes to see Elisa slowly pulling her leg bag. She
looked regal as though nothing had happened.The men groaned as they could sympathize with the
pain. Their boss had reached out to grab the woman, but this crazy woman had kicked his precious
jewels!Their boss continued to scream in pain. The agony had reached a climax!“You crazy b*tch!! How
dare you kick me! Get her!”“Why can’t you all just live peacefully? Why must you do underhanded
things like this? I will not let any of you go.” Elisa said frostily as she stared them dead in the eyes.The
boss was still hurting from Elisa’s ferocious kick. He couldn’t bear the pain anymore and turned to
someone beside him.“Take… Take me to the hospital, now!” He told him hurriedly.Someone hurried to
help him, but Elisa’s cold voice stopped him in his tracks.“Why would someone rotten need to go to the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hospital? Rot so that you’ll never hurt another woman.”“You shrew cow! Do you wish to die?!” One of
the henchmen shouted angrily in defense of his boss. He reached his hand to grab onto Elisa’s hair,
but Elisa grabbed his wrist before he could even touch her.‘Crack!’The henchman shouted in pain!
Elisa had snapped his wrist!!
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