Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 695

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa was in no rush to go home after leaving the bar. The wind blew lightly around her, and the breeze
was cool to her skin. Suddenly, she didn’t feel like driving anymore. She thought back to the time her
father was still alive, and she started to relax. She strolled around the vicinity of the underground car
park. She could see the town’s lights and hear the traffic on the streets, along with the beeping sounds
of the nearby arcade and music blaring through speakers. The song playing did not stir her heartstrings
like the one from before. She did not like the song, so she walked down another street.There was no
one on the street, and it was dark. She walked to a place where the street lamp did not shine. It was
dark, but Elisa could still see the path in front of her, thanks to the moonlight. Finding such a quiet place
to walk in the bustling city was hard. Elisa felt the sadness melt off her face when the wind gently blew
on her. This street was long and full of turns. She had been here before; she knew that if she kept
going to the end, she’d be able to access the underground car park through a side door. The roads
were all connected. She decided to go back once she finished walking this stretch.However, as she
kept walking, she realized a group of seven to eight people was standing in front. She stopped and
turned around to walk back the way she came. But there was another group of people about ten meters
away from her. She couldn’t see how many people they were, but it looked like a big number. Elisa
frowned as she knew something was wrong. She was surrounded. Even though she couldn’t see
clearly, she could feel their leers. The two groups walked toward her simultaneously. Elisa stood in her
spot, unbothered.The two groups reached her fairly quickly. One of the guys draped his jacket on his
body and took a drag of his cigarette. He swaggered over to Elisa and grinned at her, “Just own up to
your fate. You are just unlucky.”“Did someone hire you? To do what?” Elisa asked indifferently.The man
took another smoke and snuffed it out on the ground. He looked at Elisa’s calm yet beautiful face and
sneered, “To give you a beating and, at the same time, show you pleasure. I’m sure we will be able to
satisfy you with so many of us.”The men around him guffawed, but Elisa’s expression turned as brittle
as ice.The man was unaware and continued savagely, “We want to gain something out of this as well.
We’ll be kind enough to satisfy you first. Maybe, if you perform well enough, we might lessen our blows.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;You don’t want to end up with a swollen face, do you? How about that? Will you listen to our
requests?”The man was the head of the group. He had a green afro and thought he was trendy, but it
was outlandish to the point of people mistaking him as psychotic.The man took Elisa’s silence as
consent and said to her with a smile, “I’m glad you have tact. I don’t want to hurt your pretty face before
we even get started. How about coming with us, pretty lady?”He reached out a hand.
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