Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 694

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa did not move from her spot on the couch. If it were anyone else, they might’ve left already from
Brandon’s words, but Elisa wasn’t anyone else. She was in no rush to say anything. She had her gaze
fixed on him minutely.“If you don’t have anything else to say, leave,” Brandon said impatiently. Elisa
remained unmoving and said calmly, “I think my father told you not to tell me anything as he feared I’ll
seek revenge. I think he did that because he wanted me to live a happy life.”Brandon only raised his
brows in silence. Elisa bit her lip and continued, “I understand now. This matter is too deeply entangled
with Norman and his family. I need to avenge my family.”“It has nothing to do with me,” Brandon said
resolutely. He stood up without looking at Elisa.Elisa stood up and blocked his way.“Forgive my
frankness, but I know about you and my father,” Elisa said steadily.Brandon’s eyes suddenly focused
on her. Elisa could finally see some sort of reaction on his face.She continued hurriedly, “You treated
him as your biological father, and he loved you like his own son. During that time, I was married, and
you wanted nothing to do with us. I did not know anything then, but I think I should treat you as
family.”There was a shift of expression in his eyes, and his face darkened. Elisa did not say anything
important as she did not want to expose Brandon. She knew he kept it in the dark because he had a
bad reputation. He did not want to tarnish her father’s name if the cat got out of the bag. He was scared
she would repudiate his existence if she found out. So, he did not expose anything. He didn’t mind if
they continued to interact in this way. However, Brandon did not know that Elisa was not someone who
would ostracize a person or that she knew his bad name was all a lie. He had never harmed anyone.
The irritation within him grew as he watched her speak.“I know you had a good relationship with my
father and had a tough time when he passed away. You wanted to avenge him, but you listened to his
advice and let go of your grudge. You kept the secret for him from me. But… Brandon, what are you
actually thinking?” Elisa rattled on.Brandon’s brows drew together tighter, “Let me tell you again, I have
nothing to do with this matter. Stop trying to find my motives with your guesses.”Elisa nodded her head
in understanding. She wasn’t going to push him any further. He wouldn’t be Brandon Simmons if he
gave in so quickly.“Okay. I will definitely avenge my father. I hope you’ll provide me with some evidence&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;in the future,” Elisa said. She did not try to advise him anymore. She had not come intending to win
Brandon over today. She only wanted to let him know her next course of action; he would undoubtedly
start paying attention to her now.Then… He would be there to give her a helping hand if things went
south. So, she wouldn’t run into more trouble.Brandon watched her leave without glancing back. The
annoyance in his eyes only disappeared when he couldn’t see her anymore. But, it was replaced with a
complicated emotion.
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