Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 693

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&#lt;p&#gt;Many women had tried to approach Brandon but were cut down by his frigid stance. He even cussed
some out. So, many women were jealous when they saw Elisa sitting opposite him and chatting
amicably. After that, those who liked Brandon could only admire him from a distance. No one thought
their relationship would be so good till the point that they even went in together!Jealously ate at the
women’s hearts! They started to gossip.“Wasn’t that Elisa Benett? Something must be going on
between them!” A blonde lady lit her cigarette, puffed it, and said, “Look at you all. Don’t you know
Brandon’s personality by now? What are you guys worried about? You’ve all tasted him. Who knows,
maybe your turn will come again?”Another woman nodded and said, “You’re right. At least we might
have a chance now that he is seeing girls.”“You’re right.”…At that moment, Elisa and Brandon were in
a private room. So, they were not aware of the commotion outside. Even if they knew, they did not
care.Brandon swaggered to the couch and sat down while Elisa sat opposite him again. Brandon was
about to light another cigarette but stopped when he saw Elisa opposite him. He placed the pack of
cigarettes and his lighter on the table with a soft thump.“I don’t mind you smoking,” Elisa said
quietly.Brandon ignored her statement and got straight to the point, “What is it you want?” Elisa pursed
her lips. She was considering her best cause of action.Brandon was carefree, but when he saw her
stressing, he straightened himself up.“Is it something tough?” He asked.“No. But it depends if you’re
willing to say it.” Elisa swiftly replied.Brandon squinted at her but said nothing. Elisa was watching his
reactions carefully.Brandon was a man with many experiences. He had seen all kinds of things during
his life. How was Elisa able to figure anything out from his emotions? She knew it was hard, but she did
not give up. She kept her gaze on him.“Go on,” Brandon said calmly.Elisa inhaled and looked him in his
eyes, “How did my father die?”Brandon’s reaction did not change. He looked at her indifferently and
said, “He is your father. The hospital told you how he died. Why would you ask me, an outsider?”Elisa
chewed her lips and replied bitterly, “Considering you and my father’s relationship, I don’t think you can
say you are an outsider. I’m sure there are secrets between the two of you.”“Are you sleep-talking?”
Brandon scoffed at her with no change in his expression.“How did my father die?” Elisa asked again.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She fixed her gaze on him, not wanting to miss even a silver of change.But Brandon replied with a
snicker, “It had nothing to do with me. I don’t mind if you have something to ask of me. But I know
nothing and don’t want to be entangled in your family drama.”
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