Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 691

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&#lt;p&#gt;Sheena shook her head as she tried to regain control of her emotions.“No, I don’t blame you.” She
sniffed. Today, she finally spoke out about the feelings she had been hiding for ten years. She never
imagined that she would confess to him in such a circumstance.Neither of them wanted to break their
friendship, but at this point, it was all out in the open. Sheena sniffled and apologized, “I’m sorry. I
shouldn’t do this to you.”Carle shook his head hurriedly. “No, It’s my fault. I shouldn’t make you
unhappy today.”Sheena shook her head and sighed quietly, “I don’t blame you. It’s just that…
Sometimes, I can’t hold back my feelings for you. I know you like Liz, but I can’t hide my feelings for
you, and I don’t want to.”Sheena was more firm in her words. She was more blatant in expressing
herself this time, as she did not care if their friendship was ruined. Since Carle knew how she felt, there
was nothing else holding her back. She knew her confession was lacking, but she still felt relieved after
spewing out her feelings.The emotions in Carle’s eyes became more complicated. He opened his
mouth a few times, but no words came out.Sheena exhaled quietly, “Carle, I didn’t express my feelings
because I didn’t want to put you in a tight spot. It’s the same for Liz; she only treated you as a close
friend. Aren’t you worried you would lose a friend if you go on like this?”Carle’s face darkened. Sheena
chuckled, slightly irked. “I kept quiet because I feared that would happen. Carle, think about it; if I had
chased you like you chased Liz all these years, how would you feel?”Carle could not come up with a
response. The feelings within him grew more complicated because he had thought of the scenario. If…
Sheena had chased after him as earnestly as he went after Elisa; he would’ve cut all ties with her not to
confuse Elisa.Sheena sighed quietly, “People will meet hardships throughout their lives. Carle, I know
how you feel and know how much it hurts. But… love comes in all forms. You don’t have to be together
to call it love. Letting go is also a part of loving. Everything else is just selfishness.”Sheena took a
breath and continued, “After your accident, I told Liz to consider dating you. Although I wanted you for
myself, I loved you more than I loved myself. I didn’t want to wrong you or make you sad, so I kept
quiet about my feelings. I wanted to make you happy, but… I just couldn’t hide my feelings anymore.
Carle, think it through. If this continues, I fear Liz will distance herself more and more. Do you really&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;want to see that happen?”“I…” Carle could not say anything.Sheena smiled bitterly. She wiped the
tears off her face and stood up. “Carle, I’ve said everything I wanted. I will leave you to ponder it. If we
were competing for who’s the biggest loser, I’m sure you won’t win. At least your parents love you, and
you have a good family background. On the other hand, my parents are still pushing me to go to
marriage meetings. Do you know how it feels to go meet other men when I have someone I truly love?”
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