Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 690

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&#lt;p&#gt;Carle frowned as he couldn’t get his head around it.Is Sheen saying all these to get me to give up on
Liz? I’ve never… Carle balked at that thought. A memory from three years ago resurfaced in his
mind.Three years ago, the three of them had gone on a trip, and Sheena had gotten drunk. She kept
holding onto his hand while giggling. She kept whispering to him and focused on him the entire time.
He hadn’t thought too much about it then, but thinking back to that day, along with her reactions these
few years, he had a clue what she was feeling. He did not know what to say to her. Sheena should
know that feelings cannot be controlled. How can I date her when all I think about is Elisa? Sheena
must know since she has kept quiet this whole time. Did she say all that to counsel me today?Carle
lowered his eyes. He did not know what to say and had no desire to say anything.“Give up, Carle,”
Sheena said to him seriously.Carle’s heart jumped.Give up? How can I give up?Although he and Elisa
never had any moments with just the two of them, he couldn’t bear to give her up. He felt like he had
won the lottery of a lifetime when she agreed to date him. He was elated.“Give up, Carle. If you go on
like this, you will only make things harder for you and Liz.”“So… It was because of my accident that
Liz…” Carle raised his pale face to look at Sheena. He did not continue his assumption. The situation
was as clear as glass, but he couldn’t bring himself to accept it. He deluded himself into thinking Elisa
accepted him because of his advances.Sheena exhaled quietly, “Carle, are you still unwilling to accept
it?”Carle’s pupils shook. I shouldn’t have woken up from that accident. I wouldn’t have to deal with all
this sorrow.All of a sudden, the dam blocking Carle’s emotions broke. His calm eyes were filled with
sorrow, disappointment, and bitter acceptance.Fat tears rolled down Sheena’s face. She did not know if
they were from the adrenaline of confessing to him or seeing him heartbroken.Carle panicked when he
saw her crying. He stood up and quickly brought her some tissues.“Don’t cry, Sheen. I…”Sheena took
the tissues from him but did not dare to look at him. She didn’t expect things to turn out like this. She
did not want to cry out loud, but she couldn’t keep her sobs in.“Sheen, don’t cry. I’m sorry I made you
sad.” Carle tried to console Sheena.They were all friends. Sheena had never stepped out of line in their
friendship, but he had blatantly shown affection to Elisa without caring for her feelings. Carle was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;recently challenged by the appearance of Gareth Wickam and Will Darcey, but Sheena had been
feeling the pain he felt now since ages ago.
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Chapter 690
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