Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 688

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&#lt;p&#gt;Why did it suddenly become so frightening?Why did he have to become so serious? Did he notice
something or find out the truth? Or does he want to find out something from her?As Sheena was
getting nervous, Carle slowly said, “Liz…” When Sheena heard it, her heart suddenly thumped!She
held her breath and listened to him, but he suddenly stopped talking.Sheena was dumbstruck.She
looked at Carle, perplexed. “Is something wrong?”“No.” Carle looked down and pursed his lips. He
didn’t say a word.He was in bad shape. Everyone could tell he wasn’t the bright person he used to
be.Sheena couldn’t bear it. She unconsciously walked to Carle’s side and took a deep breath. “Can you
get it together? Is love so important?”Carle laughed lightly. “Sheen, you’re not like me. You haven’t
liked someone for such a long time and experienced the feeling of losing and gaining… It’s very painful.
Maybe you will experience it in the future, but I hope that you can find your happiness.”Sheena’s lashes
trembled violently. What does he mean by that? Has he noticed her feelings for him?Is he hinting at her
not to be carried away by wishful thinking?At that moment, her heart beat furiously, and there was a
voice deep in her heart urging her to tell him.Tell him all about it!Let him find out!Perhaps in his
sadness, he would find emotional support.The more she thought about it, the more she was
ready.Seeing Carle look down and not wanting to speak, she took a breath in. In a rational yet
confused manner, she said, “Carle, I’ve liked someone for a long time. Since we’re friends, do you want
to know more about it?”Carle looked up, slightly puzzled. “There’s someone you like?” Sheena stared
straight at him and nodded. “Yes.”She only answered him with one word and didn’t say anything else,
but she couldn’t help but look at him. She didn’t know if Carle… would notice…Her heart beat loudly,
and her expression was slightly frantic. It was as though she hoped that he could see it but also not see
anything.This feeling complicated her emotions.After waiting for a while, she heard Carle’s
chuckling.“Since there’s someone you like, I’m sure you understand very well what I’m feeling. After all,
you have never had a boyfriend. In all likelihood…”He didn’t go on, but what he meant was
clear.Sheena smiled bitterly, “Yes…”Of course, she understood it. She understood it better than Carle
did.Or perhaps Carle didn’t understand her.She looked down slightly and was suddenly in the mood to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;talk.But she had come over today to console Carle. She couldn’t say anything.After a brief pause, she
said softly in exasperation, “Carle, I might be able to understand what you’re feeling more than you
know.”Carle’s eyes dulled slightly. He looked up at her subconsciously.Sheena covered her heart with
her hand and said in a quivering voice, “It hurts a lot. Every time it hurts, it’s as though I can’t breathe,
and I can’t stop trembling. Sometimes, I wish I was dead instead. Maybe it won’t hurt so much then, but
I can’t bear to do so.”Carle’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t say anything, but he had
experienced the feelings Sheena was describing.Sheena couldn’t help but take another breath in. Her
eyes were blazing. “Because I want to see him all the time. And I’m worse off than you. Do you know
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