Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 686

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&#lt;p&#gt;Jeremy beamed a smile. There was no need for him to say some more since Vincent was in
denial.Meanwhile, Gareth was perturbed by Jeremy’s unwitting words. Jeremy’s voice kept playing
back in his head, “Look into your heart. You’re now behaving like the old Gareth.” Now, he could
perceive the subtle changes in Vincent’s feelings for Rachel. His abhorrence for Rachel gradually
converted to love each time he lamented about her. What about me?Am I in love with Elisa? He
flustered at his thought. His eyes were filled with repugnance when he recalled the tabloid stings. How
could he have feelings for a deceitful woman like her?Both Will and Carle were fooled by her.He would
never fall in love with Elisa Benett.Elisa went home after having dinner with Will. Although she wanted
to see Brandon immediately, she knew she had to make an appointment with him first. Also, she had to
dig up on the past to better equip herself lest Brandon wasn’t forthright with her.But… her phone rang
just as she was switching on her computer.At this point, she dreaded receiving calls from Carle, but
when she saw that it was Sheena, she was slightly relieved.“Sheen?”“Ellie, you’re on the trending
searches again.” Sheena sounded worried.Elisa was startled, “Again?”She went into Twitter as she
spoke. She was unnerved after watching a suggestive video of her and Will, “We didn’t have physical
contact at all. The person behind the video deliberately filmed us from an ambiguous angle.”“I know…
but the tabloids are all over you now, saying you’re a crafty woman playing Will and Gareth for your
own gain. I’m worried if Carle reads it…” Elisa pursed her lips, “Carle has read about it and called me,
but I didn’t explain anything. I told him I won’t allow any stumbling blocks to hamper my revenge. I
won’t hesitate to get rid of any potential setbacks or stumbling blocks before it spoils my plan, including
him.”Sheena was dumbfounded, “Oh my god. How could you tell him that?!”“I’m trying to protect him.
This is the best I can do to prepare him for what is to come before the truth breaks him. Perhaps… the
tabloid stings are a timely wake-up call to show him that I’m a deceitful woman who plays among men.
That way, it will be easier for him to move on.”Sheena sighed deeply, “We have known each other since
we were little. We have been friends for a long time, Liz. Do you think he will believe you’re the wicked
woman you claimed you are? Instead of hating you for driving him away, he would take your dismissal&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;as a cry for help. His affection for you may spiral. He will then become even more protective of
you.”Elisa bit her lower lip and was lost in thought. Her eyes were filled with remorse and gloom.Still
holding the phone, Sheena paused before speaking again, “I’ll rush to him after this. Let me go and
check up on him.”“Thank you…” Elisa’s voice dwindled in abashment. She couldn’t help but feel bad for
the sorrow and inconvenience she had inflicted on her friends who were trying to help her.“Stop
dwelling on it. After all, we have no control over our emotions and feelings. Carle still loves you, just like
me; I know he loves you a lot, but I still can’t stop pining for him. There’s no explanation for one’s
feelings and emotions. Nobody should be blamed. I can only say that Carle and I are not meant to be.”
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