Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 685

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Really?” Jeremy threw shade at Vincent.Vincent was on the brink of losing his temper, “Of course! I
paid for her meal before I left the restaurant! My only intention was to make her return the heirloom to
me!” Gareth looked at him indifferently, as if he had seen through Vincent’s heart. Still, he refrained
from commenting because he knew Vincent wasn’t ready for the hard truth.Jeremy turned to Gareth,
“What do you think, Gareth?” “There’s no point in me saying anything since he’s unwilling to face
reality.” He said coldly, as if he didn’t want to talk about it.Vincent burst out a cackle and chided, “I
refuse to face reality? How about you?? What’s up with you and Elisa?”Gareth creased his forehead.
He was reminded of the tabloid stings, and suddenly the fury within sprang to life.The other two men
noticed his mood change. Vincent was delighted to point out, “Don’t be a hypocrite. Look at yourself.
You’re attempting to win back your ex-wife, but I’m not. I’m entwined with Rachel over my mother’s
heirloom. We are in different scenarios.”Gareth glowered, “I think Elisa is a good wife material.”“Is it
really because she is a good wife material? Tsk. Don’t lie to yourself, my friend. Your rationale doesn’t
make sense to us. In fact, we think marriage is expendable in your case. If you want a baby to carry on
your lineage, you can just find any woman, for that matter. But why do you insist on Elisa?”Gareth
uttered coldly, “I’ve said it. I think she’s a good wife material.”“What a lot of crap! Why not Nicole? She’s
clearly better than Elisa in all aspects.” Vincent bombarded Gareth without holding back his tongue.
Jeremy sat aside quietly with a smile on his face. He was accustomed to Vincent’s artless and explicit
mannerisms.Gareth glared at Vincent, “Don’t poke your nose in my business before you settle yours
with Rachel. You have feelings for her.”“Cr*p! Bulls*it! How is it possible for me to fall in love with that
tomboy?! No man in this world would want her. A handsome and charming man like me has plenty of
admirers. How could I possibly have feelings for her?” Vincent snapped back at Gareth. He also didn’t
reserve to sabotage Rachel’s reputation.Gareth pressed his lips into a line and ignored him.Meanwhile,
Jeremy uttered casually, “Look into your heart. You’re now behaving like the old Gareth.”Vincent was
horrified at Jeremy’s words. He defended himself, “How could you say I’m like him?”After he finished
speaking, his mind was instinctually inundated with images of Rachel. He even remembered the feeling&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;of carrying her on his shoulder. She was weightless, as if she were a feather.Thinking of this, Vincent
got shocked in introspection. Dam* it! Why did he suddenly think of that woman?!Jeremy carried on,
“You fool around with other women and leave them after a brief fling. But you are so invested in
understanding Rachel. You never stopped seeing her these past few years; you’ll look for her almost
every other day. You’ve never cared for a woman like how you care for her. Who knows, your heart has
changed over time and unknowingly fell for her?”Vincent was at a loss for words.He zoned out for a
while before he shouted with disgust, “I’ll never spend my life with that tomboy! I have no desire for
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