Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 683

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rachel took a deep breath and turned her back on him.“I won’t give it to you no matter what. I will bring
the heirloom with me even if I die. I will cremate the heirloom with me and take it to Mother again. Stop
your wishful thinking. You didn’t believe her and drove her out of the house when she was alive. Don’t
blame her for being mean to you because you deserve her desertion. For too long, I have seen her
weeping alone in the dark. But you? Hah…” Rachel gave him a cold sneer and flayed him with a
menacing glance. ‘Bam!’An abrupt and loud sound caught Rachel off guard and flustered her. She
furrowed, “Forget about it. Let’s not meet or have dinner with each other again. I do not have the
appetite. I’m sure you don’t either.”Rachel was getting flurried with pesky hunger and stomach
discomfort, yet she refused to stay and eat with this sc*mbag. She might puke eating with this
man!Perhaps her stomach discomfort was rage induced. She was determined to stay away from men!
Especially sc*mbags!Vincent gave her a stern look and stood on his feet, “You stay. I’ll go.”After
finishing speaking, Vincent promptly strutted out of the restaurant.Rachel didn’t say a word but looked
at him furrowed, wondering if it was a gimmick. Eventually, Vincent really did leave her alone.Rachel
could only breathe a sigh of relief after he was gone. Then, the waiter served the food, and she
chomped down both dishes in one go!After that, upon requesting the check, she was told that Vincent
had already paid for the meal. His kind gesture surprised Rachel. After their heated argument, she
didn’t think he would pay for her dinner.Maybe he wanted to show that he was the bigger person?
Tsk.Whatever his intention was, Rachel couldn’t be bothered. After all, he was wealthy and privileged.
She walked out of the restaurant, hailed a taxi, and left.She had no clue that in a near distance, Vincent
was watching her from his car until she left in a taxi.Frustrated, he lit a cigarette and puffed out a
smoke ring. Then, he browsed through the latest news on his phone.He stumbled upon three tabloid
stings that revolved around Gareth.He noticed the tabloids were about Gareth’s woeful love triangle,
commiseration for Will, and a scandal about Will and Elisa’s relationship.Vincent’s mood immediately
turned from glum to glad.He couldn’t help but gloat at Gareth’s misfortune.Subsequently, he gave
Gareth a call.The latter answered the phone almost instantly, “What’s the matter?”“Am I only allowed to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;call you when I’m in trouble? Let’s go out for a drink. I need a time out.” Vincent insinuated perhaps
Gareth needed a time-out as well.But he knew Gareth wasn’t someone who liked to talk about his
feelings.“Let’s meet at our regular hangout spot.”Gareth’s spontaneity ascertained Vincent that he was
discombobulated, “Set! I’ll call Jeremy now.”Gareth hung up the phone straight away.Vincent called
Jeremy. Before the other party could say anything, he blurted, “Let’s hang out. Our buddy is moody
today.”Jeremy was nonplussed by Vincent’s brusque.Vincent was startled, “Are you not on Twitter?”
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