Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 682

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&#lt;p&#gt;“You are sick, Vincent!!!”“I know you have the medicine.” Vincent was equally annoyed, but he didn’t
want to argue with her on the street, so he forcibly pulled her into the restaurant. Rachel stopped her
idiosyncrasy as it was embarrassing to yell in a teeming restaurant.She tried to break off Vincent’s grip
but failed. In the end, Rachel had no choice but to follow the sc*mbag. She gnashed her teeth, sat on
the chair, and glared at him.Rachel kept quiet, but her face grew hot and pinched with resentment.Even
the waiter could feel the tension between them. He scurried away after taking Vincent’s order.Vincent
and Rachel were left in the booth.Rachel was exasperated and refused to say a word to
Vincent.Meanwhile, Vincent looked cold and seething. He felt the urge to teach this woman a
lesson.The atmosphere was choking with rage and abhor.After some time, Vincent said in a low voice,
“If you dare to yell at me on the street again, I will plonk you on my shoulder like a sack again.”Rachel
was dumbfounded.She glared at the man in front of her, “I’ve told you to never pester me! Do you not
understand my meaning?! We have nothing to do with each other! That treasure was a gift to me from
my mother. And it’s none of your business!”Vincent rolled his eyes skyward, “She didn’t birth you. I am
her rightful son.”Rachel narrowed her eyes to a crinkled slit, “No! You chose to leave her. You and your
father doubted her and disowned her. Is that what a family is? Do you think you deserve her
forgiveness after what you did to her? You broke her heart. You had no place in her life. She would
have passed on the two heirlooms to you if she wanted you back. She had countless valuable
possessions that she could give away, but why did she only give them to me but not you? You’re a fool,
Vincent Shane!” Vincent fixed his icy stare on her while looking beyond exasperated.Rachel regretted
her blunder almost instantaneously. She cowered in fear and didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.This
man might look mischievous and like to fool around with women, but he had no grace for those who
wronged or upset him.Rachel bobbed her head and bit her tongue.After a while, she heard a cold
sneer.“Rachel, as far as I’m concerned, you’re indebted to my mother for her kindness in bringing you
up since you were little. Don’t you feel ashamed for robbing her legitimate son’s privilege to assume
her heirloom?”Rachel glowered, “It was given to me by my mother! She didn’t give it to you! Do you not&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;understand semantics?”Vincent scrutinized her with a grave expression, “She gave all her love to you
but not me. I am left with nothing from her to behold, even after her demise. Rachel, how can you be so
selfish? I don’t need you to repay me gratitude, but the least you can do is to give me what I
deserve.”Rachel couldn’t find words to answer him.She didn’t wrong him. But why did she feel guilt-
stricken all of a sudden?What a sc*mbag!He is bullying me!Why am I letting him browbeat me? No
way, I have to do something!That’s right, I don’t need to slap him in the face to show my dominance to
keep him at bay. I just need to do something that puts him off so that he will avoid me like the plague in
the future!
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Chapter 682
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