Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 681

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Argh! You piece of sh*t! Let me down!!!”Vincent ground his teeth, “You just don’t know when to stop! I
heard your stomach grumbling and was planning on taking you out to dinner from the kindness of my
heart. And here you are saying I’m riddled with disease! Fine then, if I’m sick, I’m taking you down with
me!” He picked up the pace. No matter how Rachel struggled, she could not break free. She was also
afraid that he would drop her. Vincent arrived at his car and tossed her unceremoniously into the
backseat.The crowd who had gathered to watch were following them. They stopped somewhere far
enough to be inconspicuous but also close enough to see if the car would shake. Rachel eyed him
warily. He was fuming, and she trembled in fear. “What… What do you think you’re doing? Vincent,
you’ve lost your mind!!!”Vincent gritted his teeth. “Yes, I think I have lost my mind to let a woman talk to
me in this manner!”Her eyes widened. She slowly sat up when she saw that he was not moving toward
her. She inched toward the car door.Before she could reach the door, Vincent slammed it shut. He
quickly got into the driver’s seat, locked the doors, and started the car.Rachel was stumped.She stared
at him in fear, “Where are you taking me?!”Her question was met with silence. Vincent continued to
drive while ignoring her.He sped down the road. Even though his driving skills could not compare to
Elisa, he was still considered an extremely proficient racecar driver! Rachel hurried to fasten her
seatbelt. She gripped the seat in front of her tightly and took a deep breath. Suppressing the oncoming
panic attack, she tried to get his attention. “Vincent! There’s no hate between us! This is all because we
have been fighting over something precious to both of us. We need to talk this out! There’s no way we
can settle this by force!!”Rachel was deathly afraid that he would do something to her.But… Just as she
was imagining the possibilities of him taking her to his apartment or a hotel… He parked in front of a
restaurant?Rachel was confused. She gawked at the restaurant sign and then turned to stare at
Vincent. Her confusion was written all over her face.Vincent laughed sardonically when he saw her
expression from the rearview mirror. “What? Did you really think I would rape you?”His taunt shook
Rachel to her senses. “Vincent!” She said through clenched teeth.“Get out! We’re going to get some
food.” Vincent snorted.Rachel’s ears felt hot to the touch. Everything he said just seemed to strike a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;nerve within her. Was she supposed to eat just because he told her to?Rachel stepped out of the car
without a word. She didn’t even glance at Vincent before walking in the opposite direction.Vincent had
taken a couple of steps before realizing that something was wrong. He turned to see Rachel standing
at the side of the road waving down a cab. His expression grew stormy.“That d*mned woman!!”He spat
out before striding toward her. Before the cab could stop, Vincent grabbed her wrist and dragged her
away from the curb. The cab driver swore under his breath and continued driving, not slowing
down.Rachel fumed as she watched the cab drive off.
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