Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 677

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Sounds like you still have a way ahead of you. I met him ages ago, right outside Benett
Corporation.”“Why were you there?” “I went just to see Mr. Darcey in person.”“You’re amazing! Why
didn’t I think of that?” The crowd was engrossed with the topic that someone couldn’t help but pipe up
when they saw Elisa.“Come look! The main character has arrived! I’m obsessed with this love
triangle.”They all turned to look at Elisa. Will had been waiting for Elisa to appear, and when she did, he
smiled and approached her.Elisa frowned and changed directions as if she did not see him.But…Even
though Wickam Group had a large lobby and plenty of people surrounded her, she stood out. After all,
her height, amazing figure, and ethereal beauty prevented her from blending into the crowd.Everyone
had their eyes on her.“Elisa.”There was no way Will would let her get away that easily. He called out to
her the moment he saw her change directions.Her colleagues’ eyes widened with envy.Where was
their Prince Charming…Why, instead of Prince Charming, all they had were frogs? Why!Elisa couldn’t
pretend not to hear him in front of so many people. She looked up to the sky and took a deep breath.
After she had successfully suppressed the annoyance she was feeling, she turned to him.She wasn’t
going to feign niceties. Everyone knew what he was here for. “Why are you here?” She asked him
calmly.Will gave her a slow smile. He stepped toward her and leaned down.His lips were right next to
her ear…The women watching were so filled with envy they were about to combust!“Aarrgghhh!!! I’m
so jealous!! Oh my god! Are there any men out there willing to treat me like that? Just flirting is more
than enough! I’ve been single for far too long!!”“Aarrgghhh!! He’s so hot!!!”They could barely hold
themselves back from launching at the pair. They spoke in hushed tones, afraid of disturbing the
two.They were filled with hatred, envy, and jealousy…Realizing that Elisa was going to duck away, his
hand shot out to grab her arm. He murmured into her ear.“About your father…”The heat from his breath
tickled Elisa’s earlobe. She froze when she heard what he had said. Her entire body tensed up. She
turned to look at him.She had forgotten that she wanted to duck away from him. They were standing so
close that it looked like they were hugging from certain angles.Will added, “I have news. I’m not sure
how credible the source is, but you should be able to figure it out after I tell you.”Elisa’s heart thumped&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;louder.This was what she needed to know no matter what!“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Elisa
watched his face carefully for any giveaway.Will respectfully took a step back and stood at her side.
“You should know that I don’t crack such tasteless jokes.” He chuckled.
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