Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 676

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&#lt;p&#gt;Wasn’t this…Will Darcey was looking at the same trending hashtag. ——xx: ‘Oh no! My poor hubby!! I
mean, the fact that he’s even interested in Elisa, a divorcee, just shows how precious he is! How could
Elisa even think about going back to that man? Getting divorced proves how incompatible they were
with each other! And yet she’s over here flirting with my hubby while trying to get back with her ex?
What a bi*tch! I’m literally sobbing! I feel so bad for Mr. Darcey!’——xx: ‘We all feel bad for him! Mr.
Darcey is a prime specimen! I can’t believe he is still single, with how many ladies just itching for a
chance to be with him. How can Elisa do this?! Who gave her the right to?!’ ——xx: ‘Elisa is an
independent woman who needs no man! Men are just trouble! I, for one, am on her side. She doesn’t
need to get with a man! Just stay stunning, and she’ll always be number one in my eyes!’——xx: ‘I
can’t stop sobbing… My poor Mr. Darcey…’…Will snorted in both anger and disbelief.He pulled up
Elisa’s number and called her.It took a while for her to pick up.“What’s up?” She sounded as indifferent
as ever.Will closed his eyes. “The entire world is feeling bad for me on Twitter. That’s what’s up.”Elisa
was confused.She immediately pulled up Twitter and saw what was written on Will’s profile. She was
shocked speechless. Will sighed exasperatedly when she stayed quiet. “I know it isn’t true. But you got
to make it up to me somehow. Do you see what they’re writing about me? The least you can do is buy
me a meal.”The nerve in her cheek twitched. “I’m busy.”She was as cold as ever toward him.Will
sighed helplessly. “Fine. Stay busy, but I’m coming to pick you up tonight.”Elisa frowned. Rejection
didn’t seem to work on Will.She immediately hung up.She obviously had little to no care about how he
felt.Will squinted at his phone. He had expected her to do that.He hated forcing her, but she’d forget
what she needed to do if he didn’t push her.When it was time to go home, Elisa walked out as
usual.But…She didn’t expect to see Will’s eye-catching car parked right in front of Wickam Group’s
entrance.Elisa grimaced.She had told him not to come, so why was he here?He was there to pick her
up as usual. Will leaned against the driver’s door, wearing the familiar blue suit he favored. His tall,
broad figure attracted the gaze of many women.Ladies who had just gotten off work were milling about.
They were very curious about what was going to happen. They couldn’t help themselves from talking&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;about the trending news.“I’ve never seen Mr. Darcey in person. I’ve only ever seen him on TV. I finally
got to meet him, thanks to Elisa. What a feat!”
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