Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 673

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&#lt;p&#gt;Looking at the phone, Carle seemed even more surly and morose.In the end, Elisa didn’t explain the
situation to him at all. She only asked him if he trusted her. Of course I do, but I want to hear the
complete story. Not just to know the truth but to see that she cares enough to tell me. She will explain
everything if I’m important enough to her.When such incidents happened in the past, Elisa would at
least give some explanation, even though she was pretty aloof. At that moment, she didn’t mention
anything about it. Her coldness terrified him. He tried to restrain his thoughts, but they kept bubbling
up.“I-Impossible!”Sweat broke out on his back.Coincidentally, Holly heard him while she was making
her way downstairs.When she saw his pale face, she felt sorry for him.She had just seen the posts on
Twitter moments ago, so she could imagine how he was feeling.But…He was lost in his thoughts,
staring blankly into the air.Holly walked to the couch and sat down beside him. “A penny for your
thoughts?” she asked gently.Carle returned to his senses and turned around to look at her.However,
when he looked at her, he immediately retracted his gaze and looked thoughtful again.Worried about
him, she held his hands. “Hey, are you ignoring me now?”“No.” Carle returned to his senses again and
gave a brief reply.Holly’s eyes narrowed when she looked at her son. He’s always like this – he doesn’t
like to tell anyone his thoughts and only reports the good news to me. I bet it’s a great shock to him,
and he might not be in control of his emotions. Elisa means the world to him.“Alas…” She shook her
head helplessly.“What’s wrong?” Carle looked at her.“I’m sad.”The expression on his face changed
after hearing her reply.“Out of a sudden?” he asked tentatively.He was worried that she might have
seen the news on Twitter, but she seldom used the application.Worried that his mother might get the
wrong impression of Elisa, he didn’t dare to breach the topic. If she didn’t know about it, I would’ve
spilled the beans. I don’t want her to be displeased with Elisa.While he was hesitating, Holly did not
hide the fact that she had already seen everything.Looking into Carle’s eyes, she said, “I saw it.”Carle’s
expression took another turn. He shook his head firmly, “Mom, things are not what you imagine.”Holly
looked at her son with a conflicted expression. “Carle, I know you love her dearly, and you want to be
with her for the rest of your life – her past doesn’t bother you at all. But… do you know that you are&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;giving her a hard time?”Carle’s eyelashes fluttered. “What do you mean, Mom?” he asked with
trembling lips.He knew the truth, but he refused to believe it.Holly sighed. “I know you have your
grievances, but haven’t you thought about the reason for that?”He turned even paler as the remaining
blood drained from his face.
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Chapter 673
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