Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 672

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Elisa…” Carle seemed more dejected, but he had no idea how to deal with it.Initially, he was
devastated and furious when he saw the Twitter posts. However, at that moment, his anger abated, and
he just wanted to know what was going on. However, she didn’t even let him finish his sentence,
making him even more panicked.Before he could think of a reply, she said with a smile, “You don’t have
to explain anything to me. It’s my fault this happened. There’s nothing wrong with you.” Nevertheless,
she still didn’t tell him the reality of the situation, and that was all he wanted to know.They fell silent
again. Elisa had nothing more to say, while Carle didn’t know where to begin.“Are you still busy with
work?”“Yeah.”“Can’t you stop working for Wickam Group?” Carle asked resentfully.“No. Since things
have reached this stage, it’s not something I can stop, and neither can Gareth and Will.”But you know
that my relationship with them is entirely platonic, Elisa thought. Still, she didn’t say it out loud, thinking
it was unnecessary.“Elisa…” Carle sighed.The call was still ongoing, but Elisa didn’t utter a word.After a
moment of pause, Carle said gently, “Sometimes I feel like I’m a begrudging person. I know I can’t
restrict your freedom or where you work, but… I feel sad sometimes.”A look of guilt flitted across Elisa’s
eyes, but her tone was rather callous. “Carle, you know that I’m planning my revenge. I can’t afford to
have anything go wrong. I will remove any obstacles in my way, including you.”Carle’s heart jolted
when he heard that.When he recalled how she lost her father and marriage and how she was tricked
by her relative, he convinced himself to understand her current position.Taking a deep breath, he said,
“I know… Elisa, I will help you.”Elisa’s expression changed upon hearing that. Even after how I treated
him, he’s still willing to help me out. Why?If I didn’t meet Gareth and marry him, I might be moved by
Carle.At that moment, she was riddled with guilt. What should I do next?She paused for a moment and
sighed. “Take care of yourself. That’s the greatest favor you can do for me.”Carle tried to brush off the
bitterness he was feeling. Elisa still cares about me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t take care of me
personally at the hospital. Even when she had a severe car accident, she didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t
worry about her.However, he was terrified of knowing her feelings, worried that she might regard him as
a brother, worried that it might not be… love.As waves of bitterness engulfed him, he closed his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;eyes.“Alright.” He gave a one-word reply.Elisa had no idea what to say next, so she asked gently, “I
need to carry on with my work. Is it okay to hang up now?”“Sure. Take care of yourself too. Don’t fall
sick from overworking – it’ll hurt me to see that.”Elisa clenched her fingers around the phone.
“Okay.”With that, she hung up, not wanting to hear the thick melancholy in his voice any further.
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