Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 671

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&#lt;p&#gt;Of course, many haters disagreed with the post claiming that it was out of character for Gareth to do
something like that.Elisa felt exhausted just by looking at the online discussion, so she quit the
application quietly. “Say something!” Rachel demanded. “What’s going on between both of you?
Something must have happened! I bet you guys hooked up with each other!”Elisa’s lips twitched in
protest. “Nothing will ever happen between us! The other day, I was putting pressure on my team,
telling them that I won’t hesitate to be ruthless if they disobey my instructions.”“And?”Elisa explained
the entire situation to Rachel. When Rachel understood the actual situation, her jaw dropped.“What?
You’re not lying, are you? Is that all?” she asked incredulously.“That’s all.”“Wha–? How did things end
up like this? Those people are really–”“What if Carle sees it?” Elisa asked worriedly.“Oh!” Rachel gave
a jolt. “W-What should we do? I bet he’ll be devastated when he sees it. Perhaps he will give you a
call.”As soon as she finished her sentence, Elisa received a call.“Speaking of the devil, he’s calling me
right now.”Rachel paused for a moment before asking, “What are you going to do? Are you… going to
pick it up?”Elisa sighed. “Let’s hang up. I’ll take his call first.”“… Alright.”After a pause, Rachel added,
“It’s good I briefed you about the situation beforehand. Since you already have a heads up, just talk to
him.” “Sure.”With that, she took Carle’s call.“Hey, Carle.”“Hey. Are you busy?”Elisa’s eyes flickered.
Though he sounded calm, she could tell that something was wrong.“Kinda. I’m still working. What’s
up?”Elisa sounded nonchalant, making Carle unsure if she knew about the situation.He didn’t know
how to breach the topic. Should I ask her about it directly? But what should I say? If I don’t say
anything, I’ll be even more anxious!Conflicting thoughts appeared in his mind.He had no idea how to
approach the situation.Sensing his silence, Elisa asked, “Carle?”He returned to his senses and held his
phone hesitantly.Finally, he succumbed to his hurt feelings, or perhaps he just wanted to know the
truth. “I just saw the discussion on Twitter,” he stated quietly.“Twitter…” Elisa repeated crisply. “Rachel
just called to tell me. Do you believe it?”Carle took a deep breath before replying, “I believe in
you.”However, Elisa could hear the hesitance in his voice.She heaved an exasperated sigh, but she
said nothing.If they were in a relationship, she would explain the entire situation to him and even show&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;him the recording.She planned to keep a distance from him since they had to separate sooner or later.
Because of those reasons, she didn’t explain anything at all, making her seem harsh.Deep down, she
felt conflicted, and the sigh clearly showed that.Carle immediately panicked upon hearing that. “Elisa, I
don’t doubt you. I just feel slightly upset. You–”“I know,” she interrupted.
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Chapter 671
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