Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 670

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gareth’s gaze was fixated on Elisa until she completely disappeared from his sight. Then, he got up
and walked out of the room without any further instructions to the team.Thomas also followed suit.
Shooting a glance at his watch, he said, “It’s getting late. You guys should get back to work.” He quickly
followed Gareth after receiving no reply.However, everyone in the room seemed sluggish after that
episode. They exchanged glances with each other until someone broke the silence.“Let’s just listen to
her instructions from now on. Otherwise, we might get into trouble.”Darell’s face darkened. I’ve entirely
lost my authority and pride. Gareth gave me such a hard time because of that bimbo!Taking a deep
breath to hold his anger back, he walked out of the room in large strides.However, many people
sneered at his leaving figure. His career will end if he continues behaving this way. Serves him
right!Meanwhile, the young man who spoke up for him looked fearful. He seemed dazed when he
walked out of the room.…Gareth’s actions had alarmed the entire company. Rumors spread like
wildfire. By the time the information had gone around, it turned to something akin to ‘Gareth almost
proposed to Elisa in front of everyone.’In no time, such a rumor spread outside the company and even
appeared on the trending page on Twitter.Elisa was working when Rachel called her.Before she could
say a word, Rachel squealed. She moved the phone a few inches away from her ear and waited for
Rachel to calm down. “What’s wrong, my overreacting friend?”“What happened between you and
Gareth? Did you get back with him?”Elisa was dumbfounded upon hearing that.Though she had no
clue what was happening, she continued typing on her laptop. As more words showed up on her
screen, she asked, “What are you talking about?”“You’re on the trending page, sis!”“The trending
page?” She stopped typing.“Yeah! You can see the discussions on Twitter. Why does the entire thing
seem exaggerated?”A frown appeared on her face as she stopped working and opened Twitter.The
first post on the trending page was straight to the point.‘Gareth begged Elisa to marry him again.’“Did
you see that?” Rachel asked excitedly.Speechless, Elisa clicked it.She cringed when she saw the
entire post.—-xx: ‘My relative is on the management team in Wickam Group. In one of the meetings
where Mr. Wickam and Ms. Benett were around, they flirted with each other lovingly. Mr. Wickam even&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;promised to organize Ms. Benett the most lavish wedding ever. He even said he would kneel to get her
forgiveness, so he could marry her again.’—-xx: ‘Oh my gosh! Someone I know is also there, and they
told me the same thing. On top of that, I heard that Ms. Benett is rather cocky. She does whatever she
likes in the company. She even wanted to fire some experienced employees with the claim that they
weren’t capable enough. I can’t believe it!’After that, many people started writing fanfictions about
Gareth and Elisa’s conversation with the plot of marrying each other again.
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Chapter 670
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