Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 664

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&#lt;p&#gt;He opened a file that was full of codes.This… does not fall under my job scope, Elisa thought
helplessly. “This code needs two people to break. Can you help me?” he asked quietly. Even though he
was asking for her help, it was more of an order than a request.While she hesitated, he took a laptop
out of a drawer and handed it to her. Though speechless, she took it. Seeing how he didn’t stop her
from breaking into his company secrets, she switched it on.Then, he passed her the pen drive. After
opening the files, both of them started cracking the code.Apart from the tapping on the keyboards,
nothing else could be heard.Both of them were intensely focused on their screens. While working on it,
they could also see each other’s progress.It took more than three hours to complete it, and they missed
lunch because of that.After pressing the enter button one last time, Elisa massaged her arms.“Does it
hurt?” he asked.“No.” She looked at him. “Is there anything else?”“Not for now.”She didn’t even look at
the contents after successfully cracking the code. She merely shut the laptop and got up.“I’ll take my
leave, then.” She nodded.“Thomas has already bought our lunch. Let’s eat something first,” Gareth
said indifferently.Elisa didn’t want to spend any more time with him, so she rejected coolly, “It’s okay.
You guys go ahead.”With that, she proceeded to walk out of the room.However, he quickly grabbed her
hand. She frowned at him, but she didn’t jerk away. Gareth’s behavior was out of character, making
Elisa feel that something was off.“Please let go.”Nevertheless, he pulled her into her chair. Before she
could even struggle to get up, Thomas’ voice rang at the door.“Mr. Wickam.”“Come in.”Elisa quickly sat
up straight, not wanting to be seen with him like that.As soon as Gareth let go of her hand, Thomas
entered slowly as though he was giving them time to compose themselves.After placing the food on the
table, he said, “I’m busy with something else, so I’ll leave first.”He didn’t want to be the third wheel in
the room.On top of that, he didn’t want to see his boss being rejected by Elisa.Gareth and Elisa
remained silent upon hearing that, and Thomas walked out of the room as usual.Both of them were left
alone again.Looking at Gareth, Elisa demanded, “Don’t you think you are acting very weird? Since you
want to remarry, why are you putting on such a show?”His face darkened, but Elisa let out a sarcastic
snort before continuing, “I’m finally free from the agony of loving you. Yet, do you want me to repeat&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that again? I didn’t know you were this ruthless, Gareth.”He had stated a few times that she was
heartless, but to her, he was thousands of times worse than her.His sharp gaze lingered on her as he
thought, Free from the agony of love? So, am I just another man to her now?With a sneer, he retorted,
“Ruthless? Which of us is more ruthless?”Since the divorce, Elisa had inflicted much damage on him,
each more ruthless than the last.She didn’t even think of Julia’s feelings when she attacked Wickam
Group.Isn’t she more ruthless?
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