Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 663

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&#lt;p&#gt;Sure enough, Gareth retracted his gaze and looked at the crowd calmly.“The project will start tomorrow.
Everyone has to work with Elisa and take her instructions.” “Noted, sir,” some replied, while others
nodded.Elisa didn’t make any further comments. Her throat was getting dry from all the talking
moments before. Then, Gareth made his way out of the room.“The meeting is over. You may proceed
with your work,” Thomas quickly announced.The crowd collected their belongings and left the
room.There were different attitudes toward Elisa suddenly becoming one of the company’s directors.
Some were neutral, some annoyed – thinking she had nothing to offer, and some
indifferent.Meanwhile, she didn’t care what they thought about her.After all, she was bound to
encounter challenges in life. She just had to resolve them when the obstacles arose.After returning to
her office, she started drafting a new action plan.However, as soon as her hand touched the mouse,
her phone rang.“Ms. Benett, I’m Serena Jenkins, Mr. Wickams’s new assistant. He is calling you to his
office.”Serena? A new girl?Elisa was surprised to hear that. Gareth usually delegates most of his tasks
to Thomas. Perhaps Thomas is busy with other stuff. I’ve never heard of Serena Jenkins,
though.“Sure,” she replied.“See you.”She put the phone down and made her way to Gareth’s office.
When she arrived at the door, she knocked before saying, “It’s me, Mr. Wickam.”“Come in.”His voice
was void of all emotions. As soon as Elisa entered the room, she saw a tall, beautiful woman standing
behind him.Something is definitely up with them.They appraised each other simultaneously, but Serena
quickly smiled and nodded at Elisa as a greeting.Elisa returned the greeting in a similar fashion before
looking at Gareth.“Yes, Mr. Wickam?” she asked, standing in front of him.Behind him, Serena placed a
document in front of him. “Your sign is needed here, Mr. Wickam.”Gareth perused the document quickly
and signed.Serena took back the document and asked, “Is there anything else, Mr. Wickam?”“You may
leave,” he instructed coolly.“Alright.”She flashed another smile at Elisa before walking out of the
room.Elisa’s lips twitched into a smile, but she remained still at the same spot.“Sit.” Gareth lifted his
gaze to look at her.Elisa flopped into the seat ungraciously.“Next to me.” He frowned.When she saw
him inserting a pen drive into his laptop, she understood his intentions and shifted her chair to sit&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;beside him.The atmosphere in the office was relatively peaceful, though they were once married, and
he used to hate her.When they divorced, they were constantly at odds with each other.Yet, at that
moment, they could sit next to each other peacefully and work together.
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Chapter 663
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