Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 662

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&#lt;p&#gt;What a great rebuttal!Indeed, Hazel oversaw protecting the company’s interest. The main reason for
bringing the subject up was to give Elisa a hard time.After Elisa’s reply, it would seem inappropriate
and incompetent of her if she pursued the topic any further. Hazel nodded. “That makes sense. Let’s
move on to the second question.”The rest of the people were quietly looking forward to witnessing the
next scene. She is not just all talk but is well-versed in many different fields.Elisa nodded in reply.Hazel
cleared her throat and continued, “I can tell we will need a lot of talent in the later part of the project.
We will need at least two hundred of the leading experts in the field. Even though we are not lacking in
talent, we still need to recruit elites. How are you going to do this?”“For those up to par, I will recruit
them myself.”The crowd was again speechless upon hearing that. Apparently, Elisa was well-prepared
for this battle.At this point, no one questioned her capabilities anymore.Hazel nodded and fired three
more questions, and Elisa answered them perfectly and with ease. Finally, Hazel nodded in
satisfaction.“Thanks. I’m done with my questions now.”Throughout the process, Gareth had been sitting
quietly without any intention of leaving or helping Elisa. She handled the situation on her own.Everyone
in the meeting changed their perception of her after that.There were a few more people who weren’t
satisfied with her. They asked challenging questions to give her a hard time, but she gave them
plausible and compelling suggestions. In the end, they agreed with her and were even excited about
the proposal. Throughout the entire Q&A session, Gareth’s gaze never left her. Even Thomas could
feel the intensity of his gaze.This is a bit too much… There are so many people here – why can’t he
restrain himself?Thomas was not the only person who noticed. Even those who weren’t close to Gareth
felt that something was different.Why does Mr. Wickam keep staring at Elisa? Is it purely because he
wants to know her replies? Or because he values this project a lot? Perhaps he values Elisa because
of this and is willing to forget about their past to work with her.Meanwhile, some people assumed that
he still had feelings for her.After all, the news about him and Will was well-known by everyone. Both of
them had been competing with each other publicly and privately. It seemed that they were even
competing for the same woman.Wow, it seems like we have an exciting drama to watch.In the past,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Will and Gareth had always competed with each other through projects and proposals. This time, the
team wouldn’t have to work on the proposal, having more time to enjoy the upcoming drama.It’s pretty
nice that we can just sit back and enjoy.Elisa provided satisfactory replies to all the people who asked
the hard questions, rendering everyone speechless.After a long pause, Thomas smiled at everyone in
the room. “Since no one has spoken in a while, it seems there are no more questions on this topic.”The
silence continued for several more seconds.With a nod, Thomas concluded, “Since there are no other
objections on the topic, we can implement the proposal now.”Everyone remained silent, but they shifted
their gazes to Gareth. It was his turn to speak next.
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