Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 660

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&#lt;p&#gt;Thomas looked at the crowd as he announced calmly, “Everyone, let’s welcome Ms. Benett to explain
the proposal. Feel free to ask questions after her presentation.”Since there were no objections, he
nodded at Elisa, who inserted a pen drive into her laptop and started presenting. Gareth’s gaze fell on
her slender hands. At that moment, he couldn’t help remembering the moment she cracked the
encrypted file.Without a second glance at him, she started explaining her idea. As everyone listened
aptly, they were impressed by her proposal. I heard that she came up with this entirely on her own.The
latest incident roused a lot of attention. Even though no one pointed it out loud, both Wickam Group
and Darcey Group knew something about it; even the employees at Benett Corporation were eagerly
discussing it.However, it was only at that moment they heard about the specifics.Throughout the two-
hour long presentation, Gareth paid attention to her. The way she used the mouse to highlight some of
her points and how she wrote her idea on the board painted an alluring light on her. To him, her eyes
seemed profound and bright.She had changed so much that she seemed a completely different person
now.When she finished presenting, she added, “This is all I have for now. Does anyone have any
questions or comments?”With that, the entire meeting room became silent.Everyone was deep in their
thoughts and seemed impressed by her ingenuity. What a great proposal!Moments later, an elite-
looking businesswoman in her thirties nudged her silver-framed glasses before speaking, “I have a
question, Ms. Benett.” A look of recognition flashed in everyone’s eyes. The woman was Hazel Becker,
one of the leading professionals in the company. Though she was not the most experienced, her
capabilities were very outstanding. She even gained recognition from Gareth.She was quick-witted and
sharp with her words, thus exuding an air of credibility. Needless to say, she was well-respected in the
company.Based on her tone, everyone had doubts that Elisa could fare well.Thomas introduced her
position in the company and her belonging department.The group focused on Elisa, who looked at
Hazel calmly. “What is it?”“Did you come up with this on your own?”Elisa showed the original proposal
as her reply.A simple proposal was displayed on the screen, showing all four document pages.“This is
the original document. Everything I presented just now was modified from this,” Elisa&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;explained.Everyone looked at the original proposal quietly.There wasn’t much change in Gareth’s
expression, so his genuine surprise was unnoticed.The before and after were utterly different
proposals. It was not an exaggeration to say that Elisa came up with the latest proposal on her
own.Apart from that, the original proposal was childish and immature, as if it was written by a student; it
brought no value whatsoever.Based on the request to update it, Elisa revived the proposal to become a
highly sought-after idea by everyone.The original document was enough proof that she single-handedly
revamped it with her own idea without any help from others.Hazel nodded. “I’m very impressed that you
came up with such a proposal, and I agree with your suggestions to implement it. But, I have one worry
– if you were to take charge, are you able to lead everyone in the right direction?”
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Chapter 660
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