Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 659

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&#lt;p&#gt;She had been to Gareth’s office before. This office was almost the same as his.He had never liked his
things to be the same as others. So what was he doing? Elisa frowned lightly. There was a strange look
in her eyes.Gareth was making a huge sacrifice just so that she would make up with him. Elisa did not
go the lounge. She sat in her office chair and turned on the computer. After transferring the information
from her flash drive, she went through it to ensure nothing was wrong. Then, she took out her data
folder.Suddenly, the phone on her desk rang. Elisa picked it up.“Hello.”“Ms. Benett, everyone’s ready
for the meeting. You can come to the conference room on the top floor now. We will start in ten
minutes.”Thomas sounded as polite as ever. Elisa replied, “Alright.”Elisa tidied her stuff after hanging
up and went upstairs to the conference room.Everyone was already there when she entered the
conference room.Thomas smiled at Elisa when he saw her. “Ms. Benett, this is your seat.”Elisa
followed Thomas. Her pupils widened for a bit when she saw that it was the first seat on the chairman’s
right.Everyone stared at Elisa.She had a black suit on today. Her long hair was put up into a simple
bun. Her beautiful and delicate face was calm and a little serious. She emitted an aura a queen would
have. It was slightly intimidating.Everyone knew who Elisa was as she would always appear with
Gareth in the media in the past. Thomas did not even need to introduce her. But there were some new
employees in the company who might not know about Elisa and Gareth. So, when everyone arrived,
Thomas smiled at them and spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure everyone here knows who Ms.
Benett is. She is the niece of the CEO of Benett Corporation. She will be handling our collaboration
with Benett Corporation this time. Everyone shall follow all of Ms. Benett’s instructions in the
future.”The ‘everyone’ he meant applied to all who were present except Gareth.Nobody dared to utter a
single word. They merely stared at Elisa.Elisa nodded and greeted everyone. “Hello, I’m Elisa
Benett.”Everyone nodded in response.The look in everyone’s eyes was different.Some had admiration,
and some had doubts.This is a huge and important collaboration. Is this young and inexperienced
woman going to be in charge?Was Mr. Wickam blinded by her beauty?But didn’t the two of them fight?
Was this a profitable business? Why did it seem suspicious?Gareth slowly walked in while everyone&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was sizing Elisa up with their stares. When they saw Gareth, they got up subconsciously. Elisa
remained standing.She did not say anything as she watched Gareth walk over towards her.Thomas
pulled Elisa’s chair out and said, “Please have a seat.”Elisa looked surprised, but she just nodded and
sat down. Gareth took his seat too.Only then everyone sat down.Gareth was just a man. But the air he
carried with him made people fear him.His handsome face looked icy cold. He leaned against the back
of his chair and kept quiet.Thomas sat on Gareth’s left. He was presiding over this meeting. Gareth
would only voice out some arrangements and make decisions.
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