Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 656

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&#lt;p&#gt;Elisa pursed her lips quietly.This was the situation. Since neither of them was willing to give in, they
could only remain at a stalemate. Soon, their food was served. Rachel smelled her delicious beef
noodles and exclaimed happily with a big smile, “This smells so good! Let’s dig in!”Elisa smiled and
nodded, “Okay.” Both of them stopped talking about Vincent. But when they finished eating, Rachel
could not help but glance at Elisa and asked, “Elisa… What was with Gareth just now? He…”Rachel’s
question stopped halfway. The situation was too complicated for her to piece a coherent question.Elisa
frowned slightly and answered, “He wants to get back together.”Rachel’s eyes widened.She exclaimed
loudly, “What? Is that true? He wants to be with you?”In the next instance, she returned to her senses
and quickly covered her mouth, fearing that she could not contain herself and blurt something
out.Because of her loud exclamation, many people turned to stare at them.Elisa got nervous suddenly.
But when she saw Rachel at a loss for words, she sighed helplessly, “You…”Rachel smiled awkwardly.
She grabbed Elisa’s arm and pulled her. “Let’s go. We should talk outside.”Soon, both of them were in
the car. Just as Elisa was about to start the engine, Rachel grabbed her hand and said, “Elisa, he must
have an ulterior motive for wanting to get back with you. You…”“I know.” Elisa knew she was
right.There was still a look of disbelief in Rachel’s eyes. “I still cannot believe this, although he has an
ulterior motive. Gareth is a cold and arrogant person who hates when others challenge him. Now, he is
asking you to get back together?”This was not like him at all.Although Rachel did not understand
Gareth well, she had been friends with Elisa for a long time. She still knew a little about him.Elisa
smiled forcefully. She didn’t really care.She started the engine and drove home.Rachel stayed with her
here today because they had just finished moving houses. Rachel had planned to sleep over at her
place.Soon, Elisa arrived at her father’s old villa.She had cleaned her uncle and aunty’s room but kept
her father’s room as it was.Elisa could not help but feel sad when she entered the villa.When Rachel
saw her calm and quiet face, she sighed, “Elisa…”Elisa raised her eyes and smiled at Rachel. “I know.
I’m just not used to coming back here yet.”Rachel nodded. She spoke in a helpless tone. “Are they the
real reason you moved out? But… It would be as easy as ABC for them to find you if they wanted to.”“I&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;know. But we would disturb the neighbors if we stayed there. It’s better here.” Elisa was afraid that
Gareth would come and make a scene. He had never considered other people’s feelings. Or perhaps,
he knew that she would, so he acted recklessly.“Great… But it’s hard on you. You have to deal with
Gareth, Will and Carle. Your life is so miserable.”Elisa kept silent.Rachel coughed awkwardly. “I know
I’m always talking about things that make you uncomfortable. But you have to find a solution to this
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