Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 657

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&#lt;p&#gt;But as soon as Rachel finished speaking, she felt helpless for Elisa.Elisa had to come up with a
solution, but what solution did they have? Elisa has been rejecting Will continuously over the years. But
she couldn’t do anything most of the time because they had business together.Gareth, too, pesters
Elisa endlessly. Carle’s situation seemed the same as well…If anyone were in Elisa’s shoes, they
would also be disturbed by this, wouldn’t they?What else could you do to refuse someone who keeps
pestering you no matter how often you reject them?Rachel sighed helplessly. “I feel sorry for you. It has
surely been difficult for you.”Elisa raised her hand and massaged her temples gently. “It’s okay. Let it go
according to its course. We will solve it one by one.”There was no other way.Rachel nodded. She did
not know what to say at that instance. Both of them sat on the sofa. Elisa turned on the TV.But…
Before she could play anything, her phone rang.When she saw that it was Carle calling, Elisa’s face
changed. Rachel’s too.“He… Wouldn’t know already, would he?”Could someone have taken a photo of
Elisa sitting with Gareth earlier?Although Elisa never saved phone numbers, Carle was Rachel’s friend
too. Naturally, she would recognize his phone number.Elisa pursed her lips. She accepted the
call.“Carle?”“Elisa, what are you doing?” Carle’s voice was as gentle as usual.Rachel could hear
Carle’s voice. A lump came to her throat as guilt came pouring over her.“I’m with Rachel at home. I just
moved today.” “Moved?” Carle was surprised. He could not help but pry, “Why didn’t you tell me you
were moving?”“The moving company did everything. Rachel ordered everything for me. I didn’t have to
do anything. Moreover, how could I let you help me with your current state?” Elisa chuckled gently, “You
should be taking care of your body. We can talk about the rest after you have recovered.”“I miss you,”
Carle sighed.He could not see Elisa often because of his health problems. Moreover, Elisa was very
busy. He was afraid that he would disturb her.Most importantly, he felt uneasy. He was worried that
Elisa had agreed to be with him out of pity.Otherwise… the current state they were in now did not seem
like any normal romantic relationship.Was it because he wasn’t romantic enough? But Elisa never
seemed to like him. He could arrange various romantic scenes for her and speak all kinds of sweet
words to her. But… Elisa always refused him with multiple excuses. There was nothing he could do.At&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;this moment, he wanted to ask if Elisa had accepted him out of pity…But he dared not ask. He was
afraid that the answer would be worse than he expected.“What would you like to eat tonight? Why don’t
I go over? I’ll make dinner for the both of you.”He wanted to say that he’d make dinner for her. But he
was afraid that he would scare Elisa off.He could only advance carefully.Elisa smiled. “I just told you to
take care of your health. But now you are thinking about cooking for me. You are such a disobedient
boy.”Her last sentence sounded gentle but reprimanding.Elisa controlled herself so well that it was hard
for Carle to figure out their relationship.But… Elisa felt guilty as well. The last thing she wanted to do
was to keep him guessing.
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