Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 652

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&#lt;p&#gt;Rose did not believe that Monica was here to care for her daughter’s wellbeing.At the same time, Rose
studied Monica nervously. Perhaps no one would understand how she was feeling right now. Just as
she was still immersed in her distress, Monica spoke. “Not at all.”Rose took a deep breath. Monica did
not seem to know what had happened. Or perhaps she did not intend to find fault with their family.
Could it be because she had no evidence? Rose frowned. She wanted to ask this woman about her
intentions but couldn’t. It might raise Monica’s suspicion toward her. Monica might have come today to
test her.When Rose thought about this, she was reluctant to speak to Monica any further. She merely
nodded.“Thank you for making an effort to come.”Monica glanced at Rose with an amused face.“Why
are you unwilling to talk to me any further? Are you feeling guilty?”Rose’s heart skipped a beat. She
almost displayed fear on her face. She tried to look aloof and frowned. She gave Monica a puzzled
look.“What do you mean? Why would I feel guilty? Why do you still look unsettled after punishing us for
the huge uproar last time? Are you still angry about the past?”Rose looked so unhappy that anyone
would have thought that she really didn’t know anything. Monica nodded with a smile. “The heavens
are watching. Retribution will come sooner or later. I hope you can keep up with your pretense. My son
does not fancy putting up fights, so he is willing to let you go. But I am not so generous. I shall let you
go this time, but if there is another time, don’t blame us for being cruel. ”Rose’s face turned uglier. She
looked a little pale. She was obviously startled by Monica’s words. As expected, the whole family knew
that Norman had been up to some mischief.But there was nothing Rose could say. Monica obviously
did not want to look at her anymore. She snickered and left.Rose stood in place. Her heart pounded
faster and faster. She immediately took out her phone and called Norman.…Everything seemed to go
on smoothly for the next three days.But the Benett family was on pins and needles. They were afraid of
retribution.But…The Benett family didn’t know that Monica had come because the Benett family pissed
her off by being despicable.Gareth had made it clear to Monica that he would not do anything about
this and didn’t need them to do anything.But Monica was so furious she didn’t want just to sit there and
do nothing. So she went and gave the Benetts a warning.This would ruin their mood more and make&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;them less brazen.After all, they would need to work together in the future and share many common
interests. Monica could not do anything to the Benetts.Elisa had learned this from Vincent.At this
moment, Elisa and Rachel were in a restaurant. They had placed their order and were going to start
eating.They did not expect that…As soon as they raised their heads, a man sat right next to Rachel.
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