Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 653

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&#lt;p&#gt;He wore black sportswear. The sun shone its light on him. He looked more dazzling and handsome
than ever, and people could not take their eyes away from him.“Hi. What a coincidence!” “Goodness
gracious! You frightened me!” Rachel exclaimed in shock. She could not help but punch his shoulder
with her fist.Vincent chortled with glee. His shiny white teeth gleamed as he smiled and said, “You are
getting rougher. But I know you hit and curse at me because you like me, don’t you? It’s how you show
your affection.” Rachel looked at him angrily. “You are a sicko!”“See! You are cursing at me again! I
think you really do like me a lot.”Rachel was so furious she could feel her head spinning!“You are
insane! You appear out of nowhere and spurt nonsense. Aren’t you afraid that your girlfriend would be
displeased if she saw this?”Vincent put his arm on Rachel’s chair boldly. Rachel was taken by surprise.
She immediately moved away from his arm, fearing he would touch her. Anger instantly filled her
beautiful eyes. “What are you trying to do?”Vincent sat on his chair nonchalantly and leaned closer to
Rachel. Rachel’s breathing quickened, and she quickly moved further from him. “Stay away from
me!”“Why? We have such a close relationship. Why do I have to stay away from you?”“Are you
psycho? Who is close to you?”Rachel’s eyes were full of disgust. She wished she could kick this man
far away.“Go away. Don’t get in our way.” “Don’t be such a joy killer. It’s fate that we met each other
here. This meal will be my treat. Order anything you want.”Elisa was sitting opposite them. Her lips
twitched at several instances as she watched them fight. The two of them always acted like
enemies.“Go away! Who wants your treat? Do you think we can’t afford this meal? Stop appearing in
front of us, you annoying rat!”“Don’t you think that you are too arrogant? A long line of women would
die to have me treat them to a meal. But I wouldn’t even go if it was their treat. Yet you are behaving so
haughtily even though I offered to treat you to a meal. With such a rough and impolite attitude, how will
you find a man to marry you in the future?”“That’s none of your business!” Rachel widened her eyes
and glared at him.Vincent raised both his hands helplessly in a sign of defeat.“Alright, alright.
Whatever. I won’t care even if you are single for the rest of your life.”“Are you cursing me? Don’t you
have even a little conscience? No wonder you are single! You should stay single your whole life!”“What&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;a joke. When have I ever had no woman in line for me?” Vincent replied casually. Rachel snorted in
disdain.“You really are so full of yourself. Those women are just after your money or position. Do you
think that you are really that attractive?”Vincent’s face darkened. “Well, of course, I’m attractive. I’m
attractive in many ways!”Rachel turned away from him and snorted coldly. She stopped talking to
him.Just as the waiter came to take their order, another man suddenly appeared behind Elisa.Rachel’s
jaw dropped in surprise when she saw the man.
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Chapter 653
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